SparkFun 5V step-up board for driving a Spark optical joystick from PS2 dual shock?


Ran a search and didn’t find anyone talking about this thing. A bit curious as to whether or not this would do the trick. I have a stick here that I didn’t want to completely re-tool. At a glance, I don’t see any reason I couldn’t take the 3.3v off the the PSX cable, but then electronics aren’t my forte.


People have talked about something very similar in the past, the conversation is just buried under tons of old posts


Won’t work with a ds2 because that controller isn’t common ground. Would have to use it with a ps1 pad.


Turns out the pad I’m using is PS1 dual shock (late A), so it might just work yet.


Bumping this because I had an MC Cthulhu kicking around in a box of parts - and after much troubleshooting realized that any PS2 adapters I was using caused the Spark stick to work…mostly. 2.8v measured at the stick, and one diagonal consistently failed. Using USB it works perfectly, and measures 4.8v at the stick.

So I ordered the sparkfun board today. I’ll update after it shows up. I’m betting everything will smooth out after this. I suspect the PS360+ board will do the same thing.