Sparky Jr Wiring Help! Aesthetics Important


So i recently pulled all my components out of my old stick and decided to start fresh with a new box and look for my stick. One of the worst parks of my old stick was that using a Cthulhu ps3 / pc PCB, and a Spark Jr. LED controller was that my wiring was an absolute jumble f#*! and I was hoping someone might be willing to post some pictures or provide me with some advice in order to try and keep my wiring looking neat and clean. I already ordered some techflex, but I’m more concerned with keeping the daisy chaining from the sparky jr looking and grounding cable under control. If anyone has some experience with doing this I would greatly appreciate hearing from you! Aesthetic empathis


Doing this right now, most important thing is to keep tabs on how long your wires are, i’m posting photos of it when i finish which should be in a few nights or so


Let me know what you come up with. I might try to pull all the wire away from the buttons and have a part of the inside of the box dedicated to wiring it nicely, I might even make a pannel of sorts to keep it all neat and clean.