Sparring Partner (XBL)



If anybody here does not myself helping myself practice Akuma (and Seth if anybody else knows htp him…) on XBL that would be greatly appreciated…I have a LOT to learn as far as this guy goes…(maybe about htp in general lol) so any takers?


I would be privilaged
to help you learn akuma, and seth and any other characters you need help with im a Professional Freelancer
i Main Ken Akuma ryu gouken Evil ryu yun and Seth for some reason


Well awesome! I actually started playing Seth than put him down (because he’s a very experienced char.) for Ken, now i’m really just cycling between Akuma and Ryu. So what’s your XBL name :o?


Sketch 0x0 what time you wanna play?
i cant play during the week except on friday, saturady,sunday
i can play the whole entire day
u need help with umvc3 ill can help you to


Could you offer me some training too? I’m trying to go over akuma. my GT is momo2dscrub. Thanks


It does not matter whenever you’d be free and like too. My GT is Reckncru. I actually DO need a LOT of help with UMVC3. Currently the only one that I know that has a very good understanding of UMVC3 is Doromac (ya know the guy that had two multi-char combo vids on the main page a week ago) and he’s not always around so…yeah! Lol.


Also I did not find Sketch 0x0 on XBL T.T


i sent u a friend request momo666
and Reckncru its S K E T C H 0x0
just like that i think its with a captial O’s or Zero I forgot


There we go now it worked.


momo anytime tommorow from 5:00 PM


Been maining akuma since ssf4 i have 2050pp 3300bp i want to take him to the next level anybody can help me?


ill been playing him since ssf4 ae but i really dont play online ill just gie u some easy wins


I want a sparring partner too. Is there anyone out there on XBL now? My GT: IAMVIEWTIFUL001


Also I play only on weekends. Fri, Sat, Sun


ima get on at noon


Hey not sure how active this discussion is but I was wondering if I could help or if people could help me. I’m trying to pick up akuma myself. I main dudley and want Akuma as a secondary because he is strong character. There are just some match ups that my Dudley can’t win. My Gamertag is MrMoodyPants. Please add me and send a message that your from the forum.


I’m going to send you a message. My Gamertag: IAMVIEWTIFUL001


i wont play till march 15 im on street figher x tekken aracde tour
but your signiture thing ibuki es de matorrales
my big bro plays and main her so it seems you hate the character by the times you’ve been beaten by the player who mains her POINT you hate the character and IBUKI IS A HARD CHARACTER TO MASTER IS U CAN MASTER IBUKI YOU CAN MASTER EVERY CHARACTER IN THE GAME


Sorry If that made you angry in any way but what I’m saying is that she’s not exactly the best character in the game. Yet when I can go thru 10 ranked matches seeing the same character… Doing the same untechable knockdowns, bullshit hitstun from the kunai, a dumbass reversal window, but even through this, every time I fight an Ibuki user, I make sure I destroy them.


it made my brother mad so i just did it for him seeing that he main ibuki and that it toke him like 5 months of straight losses and 7 months to get to a C+
if you cant handle ibuki in ssf4 you wont even have a chance in sfxt so EVERYONE MUST DESTROY HER WHILE WE CAN