Sparring Partner (XBL)



If anybody here does not myself helping myself practice Seth (and Akuma if anybody else knows htp him…) on XBL that would be greatly appreciated…I have a LOT to learn as far as this guy goes…(maybe about htp in general lol) so any takers?


Sure, I’m down for some matches; my gamertag is DustyTrombone if you care to look me up


Alright cool i’ll add you when I get home from the arcade lol.


I am also down. Trying learning him as my second character but I am ass. GT: SurgeSFIV


i myself am trying to learn seth as a secondary character to beat up on gief players however i do know how to do a lil bit of shit with akuma i’ve played him quite a-lot in vanilla i dont like him as a main because he has no health lol add my gt if you guys want to get sum akuma training going on xXx2 SliickxXx


Same, however, I am going to be maining Seth and can use all the help I can get-- my gamertag is: jiraiya, send me a message telling me where you are from.


I’m interested in learning Seth and also want to learn the matchup, you can get at me on XBL, gamertag is Dirg Hercker


i have been wanting to learn the seth matchup better too. do any of you play him or are just learning wont matter i seem to have a BAD match up with him regardless of skill.

gt on live is bum ba klatt512


I’m just now getting back to playing SSFIV AE and I’m trying to get better with Seth
Add me RoBoy227