Spawn, and everything related

ITT, we discuss SPAWN, everything pertaining to it. I’ve got literally, every Spawn comic (main series), all the way to #168 (<3 TPB and local comic store friends), so I’m on a mad catch up after years of not reading it. I regret actually letting that happen, now.

So, I’m on issue Spawn #44.

And also, whats the latest info on the cartoon series (the new one)? From the production work, I’m VERY excited.

Currently reading Spawn in those massive TPBs they’ve been putting out that collect 30 issues a piece. Man I love those! The next one comes out in a few months and it’s going to go up to issue 100 already. :wow:

Yeah reading Spawn at the very least until I know who everyone is in the Capcom Dreamcast / Arcade Spawn game. :smile:

I was a big collector of the comics myself, I think I stopped around #80 or so but I just couldn’t afford my weekly trips to my local comic shop so I just stopped cold turkey. Eventually, I sold off my entire collection, but it was a good series. I liked the Greg Capullo early era of comics before Todd inked the living hell out of every panel.

I think Spawn’s an awesome character frankly. A good back story, lots to look forwards too going on. I wish I read the story where he beheaded the Malbolgia. But most of all, I love their toys. It’s kinda’ sad that Movie Maniacs is pretty much dead and gone thanks to 500 other companies who produce the same damn figures but with only half the quality, but their normal Spawn series figures are usually some of the best looking figures on the US market.

My one single objective is getting my hands on that Medicom 12" Spawn figure. I placed a pre-order but had to cancel it. They were going for $75.00 on Ebay two months ago, now they’re at $200.00.

I just traded for a RAH Spawn. I love this piece. Pics coming later.

Good shit.

I need to buy some figures myself. I had a few years ago, but that was before I matured, and saw how good it would be to not open them up, and proceed to blow them up with firecrackers. :xeye:

imdb says the cartoon is done so i expect it next year or sumtin.

Woah. Oh shit.

I’m a long time fan of the Spawn series, haven’t gotten any new issues in over a year though, hopefully planning to start collecting again sometime soon. Any read any of the new Godslayer series?

I tried Spawn and didn’t like the beginning too much. It was a bit whiny for my tastes; the villain was different, however and I liked that. Does this series get better as it goes on? Or is it like it is at the beginning the whole time?

i used to be a HUGE fan when capullo and medina were doing the pencils but when the new team came in and tan started doing pencils i stopped reading. did anybody else dislike tan’s work on spawn? i like his stuff outside of spawn but i just couldn’t dig his style

Spawn got better (which it was really good IMO, at the beginning to begin with) throughout the series. Art got better, etc. Story dragged on for awhile, but picked back up once Todd started turning over creative control Brian Holguin, and then David Hine. Stay with it, especially if your reading from the beginning. Awesome comic.

Are you kidding? Philip Tan’s Spawn run (which didn’t start to like, 150) was amazing. He’s a much cleaner artist than Capullo, and especially Medina. Tan’s run was great. I wish he was still doing it (although I do find Brian Haberlin’s art just as amazing personally).

I actually picked up the first 2 issues of Godslayer. Still need to read’em though.

Picked up the fourth Spawn TPB, wow they are up to issue #75 I am quickly catching up! At the point of the story that I’m up to reading Spawn gets his old Al Simmons face back and tells Terry he’s going to make a play for Wanda whoa…

I got to meet Angela finally because prior to this she had appeared in a limited series and Curse of Spawn, not in the regular comic. Cygor was in it too. Also got to see Jessica Priest so it seems like the book is up to the time when the live action movie came out! Meeting more and more characters that were in Capcom’s Dreamcast game ha ha!

Still haven’t come across the Gatekeeper though or at least one of Violator’s brothers, the one that was in the ice stage where you beat him by knocking him in the water. I think I’ve encountered everyone else in the comic though. Ah, more reading. With the next trade they should be up to issue #100 damn! :tup:

i pesonally thinks spawn is one of the coolest looking comic character ever…and what is TPD?

I love how #9 and #10 can never be reprinted.

#9 without the permission of Neil Gaiman (who won’t let it happen because Todd screwed him over both with this issue, and Miracleman), and #10 because it uses several of Marvel’s and DC’s characters without permission.

Oh snap meant to say TPB what a dumb ass, I’ll go edit thanks. :rofl:

Taichi - Huh. Issue #10 sounds interesting, I’ll put it in my comics to look for list next time I hit a con thanks!

It’s the “Cerebus” Crossover.

it’s pretty neat, it should only run you about $3-5

I know where there’s a copy that I plan to pick up when I get back that way.

I’m not a big fan of Todd, or Spawn, and I really hate his arrogance.

so any chance for some of the bigger names to twist the screws on him is welcome in my book.

of course, he WAS a great artist, and one HELL of a businessman (In the words of David Spade “he could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves”). And I give him mad respect for that.

but my urge to choke the son of a bitch is just too overwhelming that if I saw him in real life, I’d likely be arrested for doing (or at least attempting) just that.

I stopped reading Spawn at around issue 50. Can someone be kind enough to tell me what happened since then?

He ran around screaming “WANDA!” a lot?

that’s just a guess, but considering that’s all he ever did, I’m sure I’m pretty close to the mark.

from SMB:

I completely agree. I’m not sure what it is about his character design (ever since his first redesign) but I love the outfit. It’s probably my favorite superhero design ever. I have a whole bookcase dedicated to the figures I’ve bought. But I haven’t bought a book in ages, I stopped around #100 and never picked one up since. Probably because Capullo hasn’t been doing the art work.

well spawn has a had a few good runs after issue one hundred but for the most part its shit compared to his first one hundred before he killed malebolgia.