Spawn / Darkhorse nooby

Hello all! I’m looking to get into Spawn and I would like recommendations from SRK concerning a fun and exciting story arc to start with!?

I’ve picked up a handful of random ones but any pointers would be <3, thanks!

For Spawn go for the TPBs since there is so much back story at this point. They are pretty massive and will catch you up to speed pretty fast. Well after the first book you can see if you even like Spawn, it’s definitely not for everybody. Here’s the first one anyway. Spawn Collection, Vol. 1 (v. 1) (9781582405636): Todd McFarlane: Books

Dark Horse is a different company and not related to Spawn at all. Me I like Buffy Season 8 which is cool if you were a fan of the TV show and there’s the Berserk manga they translate. That’s about the extent of me and Dark Horse stuff, mainly a Marvel guy really. I probably wouldn’t be able to help you much there.

My recommendation is read anything Dark Horse publishes and skip Spawn.

As far as Darkhorse goes, get Hellboy and BPRD, as well as any book by Mike Magnolia (sp). Other books darkhorse publish include Usagi Yojimbo.

Say Sano how much do you now about Spawn? I want to get into the series but I read about all the retcons and such and it’s turning me away…though the spin off titles seem to interest me. I wouldn’t mind getting TPBs that feature stories by Alan Moore or N. Gaiman though.

Mainly whatever is in the large sized TPBs. I fell off at some point when Wanda’s twins were born as god and the devil. They kind of lost me with that one.

Even the Alan Moore Spawn comics are rubbish. The only reason I own them is because his name is on 'em. I read them once and that’s more than enough. Those Gaiman issues with Angela weren’t much better. I remember Dave Sim’s issue being readable, though.

lol, well reading up on wikipedia, I’ll read the new TPBs up til Vol. 6, since that book features a story by Alan Moore.

Note that there are a few issues missing in the first TPB. Angela’s origin story because of a legal dispute with Gaiman, but I think that one has been reprinted a while ago or about to be reprinted, I forget.

Then there’s the story with Cerebus, that features a bunch of Marvel and DC heroes without permission and insults the crap out of both companies, regarding how they treated characters other people created back then (comics have improved somewhat in this area, or not enough depending on your perspective). It’s probably the greatest Spawn story of all time IMHO, but it’s not a typical Spawn story.

I’ll look up those issue numbers later, I think they are 9 and 12 or 9 and 11 but I’ll check.

Oh and the Spawn / Batman crossover is actually really good for a crossover. Just make sure you get the one by Frank Miller and McFarlane and not the other one.

Also, if you do start reading Spawn absolutely check out the Japanese Spawn manga. It’s better than the actual comic lol! It cleverly works in the background of the main story. Violater’s arm that got ripped off in the main book becomes a chibi / super deformed Clown that helps the manga Spawn in LA ha ha! Lots of fun things like that. Only three volumes are available in English.

That’s a good point about Frank Miller’s Spawn/Batman. That was a funny superhero story. It’s like Miller was almost parodying himself, except because it was a Spawn team-up it was hard to say if he was just using Batman as a vehicle for mocking Spawn. The plot was silly but the writing was genuinely funny.

In all honesty, I think that one-shot could very well be T-Mac’s finest hour.

Yeah Batman was a big jerk. It was great. I won’t spoil it but the last panel will stay in my mind forever.

The Spawn issues I was talking about before were 9 and 10. If you watched the animated series before you can probably skip 9. Angela’s out to kill Spawn, Heaven is just as bad as Hell and so on is all you need to know. Track down #10, the Cerebus one by Dave Sim if you can.

I think I once saw a panel from that issue; it had characters like Hulk, Cap, Batman, etc. being trapped in a prison and their hands stretching out through the space between the bars.

Will try, lol.

I find it funny and ironic that the manga adaptation is better than the original series.

Thanks again for the help :tup:

Sure thing. Yeah the drawing of the characters behind bars is from that issue.

sO lurking online I found a site that reviewed/talked about that Batman and Spawn issue…
the final 2 pages are just WTF in so many bizarre ways.
Also Batman calling punks…punks, then again this is DKR Bats so it’s kind of understandable.