Spawn The Animation

This series may do well cuz a number of the top voice talent is doing the show.
Mark Hamill … Twitch (voice)
Keith David … Al Simmons aka Spawn (voice)
Michael Jai White … Barabbas (voice)
Cree Summer … Marie (voice)
Phil LaMarr … (voice)

I’ve been reading about this new animated series since last summer, but it hasn’t shown up yet. This is supposed to be an HBO exclusive again, isn’t it?

i dunno if i have faith in this since the studio isnt known to do stuff outside of cartoony ish stuff.

Funny. I was thinking about the HBO animated TV series earlier today, also starring Keith David.

I don’t know. I can’t get excited about anything Spawn-related. I might as well get excited about Power Rangers or Jolt Cola.

im giving it a chance because of the voice talent that is going to be in it. But only one can wait

I’ve never heard of Jolt Cola, but I liked Power Rangers when I was nine. I think I liked Spawn when I was that age, too.

Keith David coming back to voice Spawn is a good thing. :tup:

I liked the previous cartoon but there was a lot of cool stuff in the comics they left out or re-interpreted, most of the time for the worst which, boggles my mind at times but I get that they were trying to be different than the comic and stuff. Cursing and nudity was a nice bonus though. Still all around a really great show that was ahead of it’s time. :smile:

Man… I thought you were a Disney fan.

Spawn’s not a fairy tale and doesn’t rape my childhood so… can’t… have… this discussion… again… :rofl:

You know everything on SRK is just a recycled post. Nobody’s had anything new to say for the past four, maybe five years. We’re all just posting the same stuff over and over again.

Man… I thought you were a Disney fan.

I didn’t know you were a Spawn fan. :badboy:

Anyway, what little concept art is available for this new Spawn cartoon looks pretty good. I was worried for a bit that they were going to base this on the Spawn Animated comic that mirrors the DCAU style. Not that it would be a bad thing but I would like to see the older Spawn cartoon either continue because they left off with a major cliff hanger or a reboot/restart of sorts…

Really? I love Spawn. He’s probably the single best character to emerge from the '90s and all that other Image garbage. All of those '90s Image comics get a bad rap because snobby-ass critics say that they favored style over substance; Spawn is the clear and present exception. That comic is just full of real talk, man. Reading an issue of Spawn, you could feel McFarlane’s self-righteous, passionate hatred against God and anything remotely holy. And it was so groundbreaking because it showed that amazing, mind-blowing art could stand on its own, without a thoughtful script, and still sell a million copies. It was McFarlane, and Spawn, who paved the way for dozens and dozens of other like-minded comics; unfortunately, most of those pretenders did not have the raw emotion and surprising intelligence of Spawn.

Also, Spawn’s cape, as drawn by McFarlane, is one of the most majestic pieces of art ever seen in comics, right up there with the first-ever four-page splash Steranko did in Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. back in the '60s. If Spawn is the greatest character to emerge from the otherwise dreary '90s, then his cape is the most important fashion accessory ever conceived in the history of cloth.

Oh, and the giant boot… Can’t forget about the giant boot. And the chains.

i know the cape looks great on paper but majestic? wow

Those giant, impractical boots. And the thigh belts, which must be standard issue at Image Comics.

I have to agree whole heartedly. I love Spawn though I stopped reading the comics long ago. And ginat pouches on your thigh isn’t nearly as ridiculous as someone who wears giant puches over his entire body (Cable). And the giant boot does have a purpose - for putting a bigger hole in his opponents ass.