Spawn vs Image heroes - Image United

Spawn confirmed as the bad guy…

of Image United, the Image crossover written by Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Walking Dead) where each creator draws his own character(s).

Spawn by Todd McFarlane
Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen
Cyberforce and Witchblade by Marc Silvestri
Youngblood by Rob Liefeld
Shadowhawk by Jim Valentino

and new character Fortress by Whilce Portacio (Jim Lee stole his characters to DC).

Jim Lee is rumored to work in it in some capacity as a surprise.

Various Image characters will appear, drawn by their regular artists (for example, in the Preludes running in Dragon, Witchblade, Spawn and Invincible, Invincible’s Doc Seismic appeared, drawn by Ryan Ottley.

Various pages:

id feel so sad having my character drawn by liefeld

Spawn will kick everyone’s ass. You can’t mess with that big red boot! :nunchuck:

You’re right; Moore is definitely better. Liefeld was Youngblood’s original creator/artist, so he does have some kind of right to it. Sadly, this is how it goes.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Todd McFarlane anyways. I’m glad he’s actually doing Spawn, else I’d have to pull out some cans of whoop-ass. This seems pretty interesting so I’m going to definitely pick it up whenever I get around to a nearby comic shop once it’s out.

HA! Teaser image is using that old Spawn Timer the comics used to have. I haven’t seen that thing in years! About time that thing ran out. Joint’s been counting down since 1992. :clown:

Spawn’s new look (the evil one - the “good” Spawn, Jim, has the original look) and interview with Kirkman:

I’m really anxious to see the return of dear Al Simmons. I don’t care if he’s gone to the dark side; that’s what is going to make this story more interesting. It’s nice to know that Jim will be in Issue #2 too. That confrontation is going to be amazing. I’m glad it’s not just going to be the typical comic meet-up …at least, according to that interview.

Jesus, Liefeld NEEDS to take some fucking art classes.

he STILL Can’t draw a fist holding anything. It always looks half assed. Anybody holding a bow the way that it’s portrayed in the picture, would not be able to draw it, as there is no way you’d be able to maintain enough draw on it to keep it taut.

The fact that Rob Liefeld can still find gainful employment as a comic book artist has to be one of the most hilariously puzzling things ever.

**"*The artist (Jim Lee) was asked if he’d be involved in “Image United,” the upcoming Image Comics crossover miniseries that features artwork from Image founders Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino. “I’ve been talking with them about being involved somehow, but there are certain hurdles I’d have to jump to make that happen,” Lee said, hinting that his status as the WildStorm chief could hold him back from getting involved in the project." ***

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**Jim Lee **cover:

Really nice! Hopefully he will be envolved in the project a lot more than just doing covers.

Colored Jim Lee cover:

This alone is worth cover price.

Live Image United panel on November 25th to coincide with the release of the first issue.

Image United interview with Silvestri -

WTF are Stryfe and Lobo doing in that comic?

Well it is a crossover. :rofl:

Preview -

McFarlane interview too -

Online chat will be up on 'Rama tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern. If I’m home by then I’ll give it a listen.

Did you read the Preludes (on Witchblade, Dragon, Invincinble and Spawn), Sano?

I’m loving the stuff. I actually liked the Preludes better than the 11 pages of issue 1 that i read (in the Preview convention comic).