SPD -> LP greenhand ->?

So here is how it went in vanilla.

After the LP GH to get close you could do…

c.lk -> Combo
c.lk -> tick SPD

SPD beat all attacks except reversals.
C.lk combo beat any jump attempts "c.lk came out faster than a jump"
c.lk SPD if they block combo.
EX GH to stop backdash.
Block for reversals.

In SSF4 it seems to go like this.

LP green hand

EX hand

SPD beats ground attacks.
EX hand for back dashes.
Block for reversals.

But it seems that after an spd someone can basically get a free jump away. c.lk no longer is fast enough to be someones jump. So how do you stop someone from jumping away from you. And is there a way to so it SAFELY? Sure i could j.mk or something. but its unsafe comparaed to a c.lk which would only lose to a reversal.

Any advice.

What else can you do after SPD in SSF4?

Matchups thread.

Backdash (shoryuken whiff).

Jump forward lp/mp

What is you deal, this is dealing specifically with SPD how does it belong in an out of date matchup thread?

not sure if it works cause i don’t play gief, but try cr. lp. while it has the same start-up as cr. lk it’s hitbox is higher.

cr. lp stuffs jumps as well. The goal is to hit them while they’re grounded, it doesn’t matter which one you use. People just liked cr. lk was it was a low. If they’re going to jump, they’re going to jump. No one is gonna block high on Gief after SPD > LP GH because Gief doesn’t have an overhead or instant overhead. In fact, cr. lp o/s extended sweep is pretty good to use on people too. Learn that, if they block or jump, you cr. lp hits into a blockstring/tick throw or a combo respectively, and if they backdash you whiff cr. lp into sweep. If you don’t know how it works, it’s in one of these threads.

@SSBlanka: It’s for catching them while they’re still in the first grounded jump frames and confirming it into a combo. Since c.LK now has a 4 frame startup it won’t work (c.LP is just as slow, so it won’t be any different).

Like the WorstGiefEVER I just jump MP if I think they’ll jump away. It’s not safe, but you gotta take what you can get.

Wait, c.LK/c.LP still works. It’s never been about the start-up, it’s been about making sure the move goes active before they leave the ground. Or are you trying to say you don’t have enough time after SPD > LP GH to do it because of the frames? I’ve done it, but I have messed up a few times because I didn’t do the LP GH early enough.

c.lk still works on most characters (timing is just 1 frame tighter, that’s all), but some characters (like adon) get up a little faster and I haven’t got it to work on him.