SPD - when?

When do you use spd and when do you use normal throw? I can’t really find any good use for SPD since it feels so unsafe so I usually end up throwing, which probably isn’t a good thing.

I pretty much only use SPD after teleport as a counter to projectile spammers or when people are camping in a corner. After 3x d.mk d.rh in air I usually jump and do j.fp xx c.fp > lightning legs (I know srk is better) or c.mk xx lightning legs.

I noticed there were some other SPD threads but I couldn’t find one which brought this up.


The advantages of SPD are that lp. SPD has more range than a normal throw, and your opponent can’t tech it.

Dive Kick > SPD

or Jab, Jab > SPD

are both great options. (assuming they are blocked)

Also, after you finish the headstomps + dive kick chain, two good options are to run under your opponent and cross under them, or just throw out a SPD as soon as they land.

or you can cross under them, then SPD as soon as they land, as it adds more mind games!!! just watch out from happy shoryuken mashers, they will wreck your day…

Thanks for both your inputs! I came to think about c.lp c.lp lp.spd after I made the thread since my Zangief friend to that frequently but it’s nice to hear that it works from someone else!

I know about the crossup after dive kick (do you guys usually dash or walk?) but I’ll definately try that out a few times as well!

I like to mix up from a walldive. Try to condition them to block the jumping roundhouse, then I empty jump SPD.

light piledriver have same damage as normal throw but mutch better range

Damnit, stop giving away all my secrets!

The major reason you’d go for a normal throw is that it’s less risky if they jump out of it. 53 frames recovery versus 20. If they neutral jump an SPD, you get punished. If they neutral jump a normal throw, you can shoryu them after whiffing.

You can also use lp SPD to throw people out of their attempts to tick throw you. You can do it to Zangief or Abel, too. It’s also great for the walk forward jab/short shenanigan, because it will beat both a followup jab or a throw.

but be careful from anti tick throws from gief or abel. gief SPD has the greatest priorities among throws, so it will beat yours. abel has throw invincibilities frames in his tornado throw and ex version has strike invincibilities frames. its a 50/50, with jumping its 100/0 your win if they do it. also as you might know getting hit by other those is very very scary, and not about the damge alone, but their mix ups after ( especially abel’s ).

not true, abels EX Thornado throw once took giefs ultra. I was shocked

gief’s spinning pile driver =/= gief’s ultra

abel’s REGULAR tornado throw is throw invincible. it’ll beat spd AND ultra… :confused:

The only reason Abels tornado throw would beat any ultra is if it was started before your opponent did the inputs. I wouldn’t doubt this is true for all command throws. I really don’t use Seths SPD much because its really too risky as 90% of the people that play online don’t do 50/50 its more like 100/0. Every once in a while you play a competent opponent but the damage from the majority of the community is already done, I’m way too chicken to do a SPD with Seth unless I know a tick throw is coming but even then you are still at risk if they know you are buffering that.

[quote=“Mechanica, post:11, topic:81397”]

abel’s REGULAR tornado throw is throw invincible. it’ll beat spd AND ultra… :confused:[/QUO

I’ve grabbed Ryu out of an ex shoryuken with a regular tornado throw. At least thats what it appeared to be. Never tried this out in training but he clearly flashed yellow and seemed to be rising and I plucked him out of the air. Could have been tatsu but it was pretty quick. Guy was mad thats for sure.

I think Mechanica meant to say Super and not Ultra. Seth’s ultra, as we all know, is invincible and catches pretty much every move.

Hes talking about Zangiefs ultra

anyways i found a great use (although risky one) to use spd, in the beginning of a seth vs zangief match. Although its not really not practical, you can just forward dash to zangief and spd him, since he probably will be crouch guard your “zoning”.
The funny thing is it worked on every zangief player I faced (well i faced 5 so far with this…)

Any half-decent Zangief will lariat your jump-in for free.

No, I ment a dash, not a forward jump. Since zangief has a fairly large hitbox, your light SPD will grab him after you dash in the beginning of the match. He may even move slightly forward, so chances that you will grab him. However it is a mere gimmick and not that practical.

its practical if they don’t expect it :slight_smile:

Dash in spd on gief is about the worst risk/reward scenario ive ever heard of lol. I certainly wouldnt be expecting that either. Id be like this: :amazed: