SPD - when?

Blocked j.hp -> Forward Dash -> SPD is one of Seth’s best ways to deal with Zangief sitting on a lead. However it is extremely risky if they expect it because they can lariat the dash on reaction if they’re looking for it.

why not just a blocked jump in to spd?

Who jumps in at Zangief? Do you want to eat a lariat? Dashing up is way safer even though it’s still incredibly risky.

I think seth dash is 20 or 18 frames, which normally any human being can react to. However since it is zangief match up, NO one expects Seth to walk forward, let alone dash. By the time they noticed you dashed, there are already PAWNCHED up in the air.

But, like I said, it is only a gimmick, I use it when its the least expected, to catch them of guard, and to make the pace of the match up more to my side, AND as a taunt, to say that “I am better than you, LOOK! My SPD LOOKS COOLER BWAHAHAH”

AHEM Using SPD itself is a gimmick, and I hope we all share different set ups and sitiuations to use SPD :D.


The fact it is the worst risk/reward scenario ever (pretty much everything seth does too…) and the fact you yourself wont be exoecting it makes it great hidden tool of Seth’s. If NO one expects this dash in to SPD, then NO one can ready himself to punish it, expecially Gief, who will be focusing on seth moving backward or jumping.

Gimmicks makes Seth awesome (unlike Blanka…).

Or…you can just not try to SPD him :o