SPDT P360 +5v regulator help!

Short and simple question guys. I’m modding my friends ps2 sticks that have p360s installed already. Im gonna install the regulators and the switch and my question is, do I still put the switch to the power on the ps pad(middle pin). I would assume this one, or do I need to put the switch also to the 9v(pin 3) to cut power to the 360?

I would imagine to put the switch both wires just to be safe although the proper way would also be safe…

I forgot to put in Im using the switch for dual system support to the DC also.

No switch.

Consider the GND, 3.3 volt and 9 volt wires for psx. The 9 volt from the psx goes to Vin on the regulator, Vout yields 5 volts to Vcc of the P360. Now you connect the GND for the regulator, P360 and pad together.

Add a DC pad into the mix. Now you connect the GND of DC to the GND of psx, and the same with the signal wires. But the power wires need a special way to merge, diodes. Now you have to go back and put a diode on the 5 volt right after the regulator. You’ll need a second one(part #: 1n4001 or 1n4004) for the DC. You’ll need to cut the 5 volt wire(blue for stock sega pads) and insert the diode there.

The way to wire it up is this:
-cut the 5 volt wire on the DC cord, put diode in series.
-install a diode on the output of the regulator, in series.
-now the free ends of the diodes get connected together and anything that needs 5 volt power taps into this point(P360 and DC pad).

that way both pads work when one pad is plugged in, but the P360 is off when only the DC pad plugged in. Hazzah, I just designed a smart stick for you.

BTW, diodes prevent curent from flowing backwards, so they must be installed in the correct direction. They all have a white or black strip off center on their body, the stripe points to GND i think…oops, not sure anymore of the polarity. You’re gonna have to try it one way before soldering.

So how will the p360 be powered when the DC is plugged in only? And the diode on the DC end will be hooked up to the wire coming off of the pad or off of the plug end? And wich way do you want to prevent the current from going?

And for the regulator, do I need to install the mounting hardware or can I screw the regulator down to the wood? The mounting hardware is the http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102859&cp=&origkw=TO-220&kw=to-220&parentPage=search

If it has mounting hardware, it is usiong a TO-220 case and therefore is the 1 amp model, no heatsinking necessary. Just solder it and forget it. The mounting hadrware is to mount to heatsinks while isolating.

I made a mistake, the P360 will be powered if you want it to, and you will. What you will need to do is modify the psx pad so that it uses the 5 volt from the regulator and DC pad to power it. You’ll have to cut the power wire on the cord and feed 5 volts to the pad directly. that way everything works when either pad is plugged in.

The way u explained it I thought the DC wire would power the psx pad and in turn the psx pad would power the DC pad. The DC would get power indirectly correct.

Basically, power comes in on the 9 volt line from the psx or the 5 volt line on the DC. The 2 are merged together with diodes, regulated to 5 volts, and then distributed. So everything is getting power DIRECTLY.

To distribute the power indirectly would mean replacing the diodes with a DPST switch.

After I cut the+5volt DC blue wire. I wire one of the diode ends to the plug end then the other diode end to the other diode or the pad end of the wire. Really this is the only thing I need clarification on. I drew a crude sketch cuz Im having trouble picturing it. You can see it


Im sure you can make it out but the yellow boxes are the diodes. The blue is the DC wire and the red is the PSX wire.

Almost perfect, except backwards…

If power was coming in from the consoles from the TOP, then your diagram is perfect.


Ok I forgot to add the positve and negative on the diagram so I drew another. I assume the one pic on the left is correct. Would I connect the end of the diode to the pad and to the other diode?

The one on the right is correct(the only difference is diode polarity), and yes.

Remember, the power comes from the console, through the pad back to ground. So since power comes from the console, the positive end is towards the console. the negative end goes to the load, the pad.

Thanks as soon as I get this hooked up Ill let you know cuz Im also doing this for myself. Thanks a lot