SPEAK the Hungarian rapper!


U gotta see this, its so hilarious. He is a real rapper too!


If you have seen it already my bad.


I was in Budapest the other month and picked up some proper underground Hungarian hip hop and it’s really good. The CDs are in the car right now, so I can’t give names, but the First Golden Rule for Hungarian rappers would seem to be: RAP IN HUNGARIAN!


Yeah that seems better. Honestly when he mentioned Pac. I just had to laugh.:rofl:


Yeah, they’re called Vanis and Crain, picked up their CD in a Carhartt store over there.

EDIT: Sadly I don’t speak Hungarian, but I got me mum on the case translating that shit. Apparently, the first track is about a vagrant/wanderer who goes from place to place. The chorus hook is tight, whatever the hell he’s saying.

Also found this on Youtube: [media=youtube]ySu9BRpk_HI[/media]


Wow a lot of rappers up there.:rock: Does speak really know how bad he is? Hasn’t he got wind by now people think he is a joke?


stop deh wur!