Speaker help: Need to locate replacement 4"

I haven’t had any luck in locating a replacement, so I was hoping some of the car or home audio geeks might be able to point me in the right direction. The 4" on my center channel died, and needs a replacement. The other speakers on the center channel work fine, and I’m confident that the electronics inside are just fine. The speaker was attached by two crimp terminals, and Im sure I can install the replacement if I can just find a place to buy one.

The dead speaker and the center channel it is from are pictured below. The center channel is a Klipsch KV2 model. The speaker itself has a plastic cone that, if it were a full circle, would be 4" in diameter. It’s not a full circle though, maybe ‘ovaloid’ is the right term; a circle with two straight sides, like it was cut through.

If anyone could help point me where to get a suitable replacement, preferably an identical swap, I’d definitely appreciate it.





I’m sure any 4" speaker would do as long as the wattage and impedance were identical (or close to it).

The hole itself looks round so I’m sure it would fit.

Have you rung Klipsch (or their supplier) to see if they sell spare parts? Failing that, maybe try a Klipsch service agent and they might be able to source one for you.

Hit up Madisound for a fine speaker replacement. It’s like the newegg of the DIY audiophile world. Also try partsexpress. It is like the Tiger Direct of the DIY audiophile world.