Speakers for Xbox 360?

Alright, I want to use my Xbox 360 on my LG W2361VG-PF, which has no speakers or audio ports. Is it possible to connect regular PC speakers to a 360 for sound? Or would I have to have some sort of converters?


I’m still a little confused. I will be using the 360 through HDMI on my monitor. Do I just have to get one of those splitters and connect the A/V cords into them and then into separate speakers?
I’m currently looking to get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121014&cm_re=logitech--36-121-014--Product

The owner’s manual for your monitor disagrees with you.

if you want digital youll need to go down the 5.1 route, something from logitech or creative, but if you are ok with analog i would reccomend the creative gigaworks t20s theyre pretty good, as good as your gonna get unless want to drop a load of cash on amp and speaker set-up, and the creatives hook right up to the xbox.

oh wow, I can’t believe I didn’t bother to look at the back of my monitor, apparently there is a headphone jack… but what would I do to use separate speakers even if there is a headphone port on the monitor?

Maybe use a speaker setup that used a headphone style 3.5mm jack?

Like the ones you linked on newegg?

Get a Y-cable and some couplers and you can plug the 360s Audio cables directly into the monitor

I’ve done it on my monitor with a PS3.

the creatives have the 3.5 jack and probably most pc speakers too.

Ok, I got the Creative Gigaworks T20 speakers, but when I connect them to my monitor’s headphone jack, I don’t get any sound. I don’t understand why I would get sound from it anyways, as nothing is connected to the Xbox except for the HDMI cable between my monitor and Xbox. Is there a setting that I need to change or something?

in theory that should work as the hdmi is carrying the audio too, make sure the volume control is up on the monitor, failing that use the y adapter that should of come with the speakers and the xbox audio connector, then link the two with a phono lead and make sure the xbox is set to stereo…that should work.