SPEC OPS Tournament (CvS2, MvC2, GGXX)


Capcom vs SNK 2
1st - Dr. Elephan
2nd - Nagata Lock II
3rd - Anant
4th- Gerjay 2001
5th- DaflipmastaXV
5th- Shumayel
7th- Jiggabry
7th- EX_Matt
9th - Dragon Punch
9th- Azn Strider
9th - J
9th - Crazy Penguin
13th - Cammy_Rulz

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Team Tourney
Team FlipJews (DaflipmastaXV & Azn Strider)
Team BCB (Dragon Punch & Jiggabry)
Team Urbanski Beatdown (Crazy Penguin)
Team Glasses (EX_Matt & Gerjay 2001)
Team Browntown (Shumayel & Anant)
Team Jamy (J & Cammy_Rulz)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Singles Tourney
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Azn Strider
3rd - DaflipmastaXV
4th- Gerjay 2001
5th- Dragon Punch
5th- Shumayel
7th- J
7th- Anant
9th- EX_Matt
9th - Cammy_Rulz
9th - Crazy Penguin
9th - Dr. Elephan

Guilty Gear XX
1st - Gerjay 2001
2nd - DaflipmastaXV
3rd - EX_Matt
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th- Anant
5th - Azn Strider
7th- Dragon Punch
7th - Shumayel
9th - Jiggabry
9th - Cammy_Rulz
9th - J
9th - Crazy Penguin
13th- Dr. Elephan

Good Game’s to everyone.


Damn yo i wish i coulda got 2 places like hayvren did


Sorry about that. I had to take Teddy’s old results and change the names. When I did up the Marvel results, I had Matt as 5th by mistake (forgetting Havren’s name is also Matt) and Havren at 9th. When I realized the mistake, I moved Matt but didn’t erase the old spot Havren was holding (hense five 9th place spots, which isn’t possible). Thanks for the heads up.