Special 2 Special Cancel

I saw in a recent vid, where a Gouki player did an air fireball and canceled it into a aerial Hurricane. I also would like to know how to make my hurricane kick stationary (As in performing the move but not traveling w/ it) I saw this on the vid as well. Go here for the vid. It should be the last one.

to cancel a super into a special u need to use C-groove. U can only cancel lvl 2 supers. Now the when he did the hurricane kick without moving forward that was becuase when u hit someone u r supposed to move back. But the hurricane kick counter acted this force and moved him forward at the same rate he was supposed to move back, making it seem like he was stationary. hope that helps

That wasnt an air fireball, it was a jumping strong buffered into an air hurricane kick.

oops. Thanx for the replies. My bad for being a Noob. But I guess we’re all noobs at some point. :rolleyes: I’m just now (seriously) getting into the wonderful world of 2D fighters.

With Akuma, there’s a 3 hit air combo rule, which causes you to hit the opponent 2 more times after you knock them into the air, it goes like this:

cr. RH, short hurricane (2 hits) = 3 hits. The cr. RH counts as a hit.

cr. short, short hurricane(2 hits), short hurricane = 3 hits

cr. short x2, short hurricane (1 hit), short hurricane (2 hits) = 3 hits.

You get the idea.

There is no way to make the hurricane kick go stationary. But the closest way to do it is to have it be a really high anti air.

while on the ground, do:

down, down+back, back, up+back, up, up+forward+RH kick (like a reverse C motion)

the hurricane kick will go straight up into the air and will go forward a tad.

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Actually you can make the hurricane kick gain zero ground, but I don’t see its point. If you jump vertically up and input the kick after you have begun you decent it will just spin down and not across. Again I do not see what purpose this serves but if you wanted to know then, there.

free meter maybe? :confused:

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That’s really good. It serves the same purpose as whiffing a jab or quick recovering d.MP for example. You either give the illusion that you’re constantly an active threat (and that the opponent should keep blocking), or you’re faking vulnerability to bait the opponent into foolishly attacking you so you can counter them. Depends on who you’re playing against really.

I think if you just jump up straight then hurricane kick, you stay staionary.

@ Mas -
Read what I posted.

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I just think there are far better things to stick out like mp dp’s or jabs and c.mp’s… I guess if you tried to jump vertically up to AA and he didn’t jump at you like you thought or whatever then it could be kinda used… but generally speaking I find there are better ways to build meter and bait.

You stay stationary, you also disable your tripguard, then you take about 5 seconds to float to the ground. When I see somebody do jump up, hurricane right away (usually by accident), I’ll break stock, WALK over to them, and combo them big damage.

If it’s good enough for the stinking japs to do it in their match videos all the time, it’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:

This I was not aware of… lol. Do the japs use this? I’ve never seen it used before just found it out by accident a while back when I was thinking of ways to cancel Ken’s lvl2 Shinryuken. So they use it eh? Intresting… very interesting…

Nakasone did jump back, falling air hurricane, whiff funny kick, run up, d.HK xx funny kick.

Also jump up, falling hurricane, run up, whiff jab, low jump.

Pretty good if you ask me. His Ken was constantly in motion.