Special Avatar Request

Im sure many of you are really good at making avatars so im reaching out in request of one. It involves 3rd Strike footage if you can make this possible. Im not sure what the requirements are for SRK but ill just get Wizard to get me premium if needed. Thanks in advance.

What Im looking for is

Ken doing a cross up as yun is getting up
then doing a UOH
then doing a fierce uppercut for the win

the caption stating “The Watts”

if this is possible, ill hook up whoever finishes this for me.


Bit of advice, you might as well get the premium now, it will look better premium size if someone does do it.

Premium Status in effect!! LOL.



but i always like a challenge

I’ll lmao if he wanted it to flow like 3S. . . .

that looks awesome

fyi he requested UOH, not s. mp, s. hp.

Looks hot though.

It is…what it is…:confused:

yellow ken…



thats a pretty nice avatar sasmasta, thanks. would it be tough to make ken a different color? and show yun getting knocked out from the fierce uppercut? thanks man, until then, this is tight.

ps, thanks gums for the av too. almost what i was looking for.

Thanks! I’ll just redo it. I ain’t got no money…I ain’t got no job…I ain’t got shi’ to do! Just…

-Tell me the colors you want for Ken AND Yun.
-If you want to change the font at the end and the background color behind it
-Stage preference?
-Any other changes? (Filesize is limited but I’ll try to make it work)

For realz…I ain’t got SHI’ to do…:wonder:

I’m diggin’ that sig you got. LoL. ‘Spare change? Anyone got any…spare change?’

mission accomplished. thanks again bro.