Special Cancelling Charged Normals

So I was in the old MVC3 lab today (since I haven’t gotten umvc3 yet) and I came across an ability I just didn’t think was possible with his charge normals. Iunno if y’all already know; in which case this typing is for naught, but I’ll go ahead with it anyway.

Skrull can special cancel his charged normals. The timing is kind of tight, and the inputs for the specials are rather different than normal, due to what I believe are the conditions required to make his charge normals special cancel possible. I think what makes this possible, is you’re actually cancelling your early jump frames into a special ala C. Viper.

so for example, this is the input to do an orbital grudge immediately after stone smite hits:


Not too different or tricky from what the command list says. Now here’s meteor smash:


Meteor smash is a lot harder for me to perform. Sometimes I’d get elastic slam somehow. If I executed it like a DP+SPD, it was more consistent.

These are the only 2 specials that seem most valuable if cancelled from a charged normal, be it hit or block. I couldn’t figure out how/if I could cancel to tenderizer, but I wasn’t really interested in exploring.

With orbital grudge after stone smite, you can further cancel that to fatal buster. Which strength of OG you should use depends on your location on the screen.

From fullscreen after SS, you can do fierce OG, whiffing all the hits, then delay the fatal buster and it should reach + give you a hard knockdown.

In the corner, you can do :d::hp: charged xx any Orbital grudge. I was liking to do :d::hp: charged xx light OG, immediate fatal buster. sometimes I’d get a hit or 2 of orbital grudge, and connect to fatal buster. sometimes fatal buster whiffs. This isn’t such a problem though as you recover fast enough to go for a nice throw or reset. I imagine an unblockable situation from this as well. I had she-hulk slide assist + Skrull dive working as my possible unblockable.

Lastly (I guess, just working with information by memory) this works whether on hit or block. Not that you’d just try to charge a normal from middle ground, but if you mistime a charged normal and they block, or push block, you have other options aside from just jump cancel.

So yeah. is that new or old information? Also, how useful do y’all think it could be? I know Skrull can MS from the air now, so that doesn’t seem as big of a deal, especially since you can continue the combo in various ways anyway.

Well enjoy, superior race!

This is old news but still useful nonetheless. I personally like charging his st.h to bait a reaction out of my opponent. If they charge at me I either do grudge for the SA or e.slam depending on their distance. Sometimes they will just sit there and block which in that case I will immediately e.slam. Use this sparingly though

They showed the Flame Sweep > Orbital grudge in the vanilla reveal trailer, lol, but it’s still helpful for people who haven’t tried this yet.

I was just playing around with this. Stone Smite (blocked) links perfectly into a L Elastic Slam in the corner. This requires a M Elastic Slam when not in the corner. Its just plain WRONG and hilarious. Use an assist like Akuma Tatsu or Frank Cart in order to support some of the charge time of the Stone Smite and then get a free Elastic Slam (as far as I can tell).

Crouching H allows for a cancel to a M Elastic Slam in the corner or when not in the corner.

And interestingly enough with push blocking you cannot avoid this either. When Skrull jump cancels the move he is no longer being pushed back by the block. This may in fact give him a free grab setup.

More testing is needed, but its a cool tool.

Seems you can also do them in another way as well.

I just inputted :qcb::m::u: and it gave me a grab for the JC. Looks like its easier to time it than we thought.

I also just jump cancelled a tenderizer from Stone Smite. When the Stone Smite hit I mashed :m: and then pressed :u: and it JCed the tenderizer.