Special Cases?

Thanks- yeah please check out my program!

One thing I noticed in the hitbox youtube vids R|C posted was that Cammy has a feet hitbox that extends further forward than her midsection blue box. I wonder if that has to do with her walking speed? How much further forward is Vega’s and Chun Li’s, is it similar to Cammy’s foot blue box? My guess is that “easier to be swept” gets you faster walking speed.

Oh, all right.

Highly doubtful. I don’t even have the time to do the things I need to, much less the things I want to do. :wasted:

Especially considering that I could just send Sirlin an e-mail. Which I just did.

I also must apologize. It’s on my to-do list. If it’s any consolation, there are also about eight other things on that list which I haven’t had a chance to get to yet. :sad: