Special Colors in KOF13? (all cameo's)

just wondering if someone noticed all the special colors (usually 9 and 10) and what they relate to

Kyo color 10 - NESTS Kyo
Terry - Color 9 -Prison oufit -Color 10- Robert Garcia
Andy - Color 9 -Naruto -Color 10 - USA colors
Raiden -Color 10 -Venom
King - Color 10- Kula
Yuri- Color 10- Ayane from DOA
Ash - Color 10 - The Joker
Kensou- Color 10 -Duo Lon
Ralf- Color 10 - classic Ralf
Iori- Color 10- classic Iori
Robert- color 10- Terry


Terry has Clark’s NESTS outfit, Maxima has EVA-01, Athena has a ToHeart character and Yuri’s select+alt 10 is a character from an old Konami fighter - Martial Champions I think.

I’m trying to document them here: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/The_King_of_Fighters_XIII/Palettes

I think I’ve missed a lot of them, though.

Yeah, Yuri’s select+10 is Rachael from Martial Champion. Also, Kula has a classic Iori alt.

SNK Wikia incorrectly states that Yuri’s select+10 is Cammy, which is ridiculous to me considering it looks nothing like her.

^ Yea, someone should change that.

Raiden’s color 2 is his FF1 attire, and his alt. color 9 is Hulk Hogan.

Ryo’s color 5 is his NGBC Mr. Karate palette.

Athena’s color 5 is Ninon Beart from KOF MI2.

You could say Leona’s color 3 is her classic '97 RotB palette outside of Orochi mode.