Special Edition Tekken 5 Tenth Anniversary Arcade Stick-Upgrade Tutorial

I put together a tutorial for Rod from Himuragames.com.
A bunch of people have been asking for it so here it is.
You can upgrade your “SET5TASS” from the information there.

I think that the resulting joystick is better than your RAP because of the fact that the mirror finish is just a bad idea. It looks totally dirty and scratches so easy.


It’s a work in progress so please leave no replies there till i’m all done with the tutorial

The joystick portion is basically done. I could add some pictures for clarity though. The button side is still coming in.

I’d like to put out a shout to people that have published their ideas and work that I’ve referenced in this tutorial and mixed in with my own techniques.

Thanks to:
Catch22 - all of the initial JLF in a Hori/Namco pictures.
SpiffyShoes - method to mount screws between housing and PCB.
ShinJN - Sanwa button prong bends.

Thanks arm. I’ve had my T5 box just sitting here on my desk without its old joystick and I always wanted to know how to mount the Sanwa stick in there with the stock screws. Now all I need to do is buy the Sanwa stick and buttons and I’ll be modding it within a day. =D

Yay! :tup:

Wow nice, this tut totally helps a friend of mines.

Good job.

That looks sweet man. I may just do this. Have you had a chance to compare it to the way it was? Did you use a square or octogone gate? Was it a night and day difference?

Nice job on the tutorial. I was waiting for something like this.


  1. there really are marginal differences in the stick. Daigo plays on a stock Namco and the Japanese arcade panel and he kills people on either one. If you are going to use a squre gate then there really is no real reason to do the mod or get the mod done on your stick. There effectively is no performance or reliability difference.

I would say that there’s more of a noticable click with the Sanwa. I find the Omron switches a tiny bit more loud than the Matsushita switches in the Hori… (other Hori’s use Omron also)

  1. why do the mod?
    A) you want an octagonal gate.
    B) you want to play with a more quiet and soft “flash” stick.
    C) you just want to brag that you have the Sanwa stick/parts in there.
    D) you’re die hard and need to very highest tier equipment possible.

  2. i play fine with either square or octagonal gates. I got used to both actually.

I’m telling you, at evolution next year… there’s going to be a ton of people running around carrying one of these great big sticks… in either form.

Modded yourself it costs less than a RAP and I totally think that you end up with a better product. Paying to get someone to mod it, it’s more cost effective to probably get a RAP.

The button mod is really a hassle if you going to go ahead and do it. The button holes need to be ground out so that the tabs don’t block the clip in Sanwa buttons.

Another perfectly good trick is that if you find yourself hitting the start and select buttons during gameplay then you can pull the caps off of them. You would just have to stick your finger down in there when you want to hit start or select.

Now that’s a good idea. Seems like every other time I go to unpause Tekken 5 I scrape the select button as well and restart the damn game. I’m really behind on my unlocking because of that.


just fixed what I think is the only really bad decision of the Hori design.

quick question, the answer might be obvious, but can you replace the red ball top with another one? also, what can you do to tighten the ball so it dosn’t spin?

points at self


Honestly though, I was one of the people that got really butthurt when I found out there wasn’t a Sanwa stick in the T5. I really wanted to see what the hype was about and I was too lazy to mod another stick to do so. But I figure, if it’s that feasible and cost-effective with this stick, why the heck not.

Again, awesome tutorial, arm. I’ll be placing my order for a JLF and buttons in a week or so. :tup:

EDIT: I wanted to mod the buttons more than the stick though. I hated the buttons on the ASCII FT2, but I LOVED the stick. I just didn’t want to go through with the same problems on this one.

Put a large flathead in the slot on the bottom of of the joystick shaft, then twist hard.

arm: I was thinking of using white screw-in buttons as opposed to the push-in buttons (going for a white balltop/white buttons setup). Think that’d pose a problem when soldering the buttons to the PCB? Like, would the nut be too big and wouldn’t allow the PCB to take the prongs of the buttons?

Shouldn’t be. This upgrade is almost exactly like the Namco upgrade, and I used the white screw buttons on my Namco. I can’t think of a reason they wouldn’t work on the T5.

screw type buttons have the same prong issues as clip in sanwa buttons, yes.

Hey arm…How about if I just want to lower the button caps on the start and select. Is that possible? This way the button would be lower than the housing so it would be impossible to hit while mashing. Just a thought…

Yeah I’ve thought about this as well, to pull out the button caps and to cut/shave them so that they seat way lower than the existing position.

This would basically result in a cosmetically better option of what I showed where i just pulled the centers out of the 24mm buttons. I’m thinking of doing this to a pair of “throw away” stock 24 mm RAP yellow buttons, just as a test and to show what can be done.

Great tutorial! I have the Tekken anniversary stick and the RAP. I agree that the RAP is hard to keep clean and scratches easily. Any suggestions on how to prevent the RAP and the Tekken stick from getting scratched up?

Does anyone know if the T5 stick is likely to get a European release?

I’ve wondered that but considering we usually get screwed out of everything, not likely.