Special EVO Live On Three tonight, guests Justin Wong, Gootecks, Ryan Hart,Cofino,GYT

Hey everyone, we are having a special EVO edition of Live On Three tonight with myself, djWHEAT and SirScoots with lots of special guests. On tonight’s LIVE show we will have:

  • Justin Wong - talking about his 3 week trip to Japan, the practice he got there, things he learned, the 5v5 EC vs WC tournament and how he picked the players, a possible finals matchup against Daigo, and the expectations of him this EVO, possibly more-so than ever before

  • Gootecks - talking about the practice he’s been having on the west coast, expectations from the WC side of the 5v5 tourney, will he be able to step it up and avenge his loss at Devastation

  • Ryan Hart - flying over from Europe and bringing what may be the best Sagat at the event, how he will cope with playing against the Americans, general thoughts of the event

  • Ian Cofino - talking about the extended I Got Next footage he will be capturing at EVO, his thoughts concerning the storylines of Justin, Gootecks, and Joe in the movie, and all of his thoughts concerning this year

  • Glenn of GetYourTournament - talking about the groups and brackets, who will go through, who won’t, what upsets we might see, who we’re going to see in the final bracket, top 8 placements, finals predictions, winner predictions, and much much more!

Tune in tonight at 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST at www.djwheat.tv

I’ll check it out.

Goin for Valle to win SF4.

woo go glen!

can’t wait for this

So apparently Ryan’s flight got delayed and might be in the air while the show is live, should have more info soon

will this broadcast feature more of sirscoots tell all of us to fuck off and telling evo they are a shitty tournament cuz the cash prize isn’t big.

Ryan Hart baybee! UK REPRESENT

no, there will be none of that

I probly wont be able to see it. Is it gonna be archived or reuploaded somewhere?

just talked to Ryan Hart, he will be on the show.

if you guys have questions for these guys, please leave them here

Question for Justin: “How many swear words do you and Marn know in Japanese now?”

Can you ask Ryan if he has studied the US competition and how he thinks he will fair against them?

Also can you ask me him make sure he sleeps properly so he doesn’t have a repeat of last year!

ask the pro’s: Will you be staying up and partying, or going to bed early to rest and be ready?

Can you ask Justin who he thinks his biggest threat is from the West?

Ask ryan hart this: With all of the hype between usa east coast vs west coast and the hype of japan coming to evo do you feel like europe is getting overlooked? Do we as a Fighting game community tend to overlook europe as a strong contender or is the europe community not very good and you’re their only hope ryan? Also do you think europe talent is just as good as the usa players, just on a smaller scale?

There is some hella european talent, but as you say, smaller scale. None of this rivalry either (apart from France v UK)

Looks like they took this thing down already? I didn’t get to listen to it ; ;

last nite recording: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1818977