Special EVO Lo3 tonight with sp guests Justin Wong, Ryan Hart, Mike Ross, Gootecks

posted this in gen fighting forum but figured i’d post here too. SHOW IN 45 MINUTES!

Hey everyone, we are having a special EVO edition of Live On Three tonight with myself, djWHEAT and SirScoots with lots of special guests. On tonight’s LIVE show we will have:

  • Justin Wong - talking about his 3 week trip to Japan, the practice he got there, things he learned, the 5v5 EC vs WC tournament and how he picked the players, a possible finals matchup against Daigo, and the expectations of him this EVO, possibly more-so than ever before

  • Gootecks - talking about the practice he’s been having on the west coast, expectations from the WC side of the 5v5 tourney, will he be able to step it up and avenge his loss at Devastation

  • Ryan Hart - flying over from Europe and bringing what may be the best Sagat at the event, how he will cope with playing against the Americans, general thoughts of the event

  • Ian Cofino - talking about the extended I Got Next footage he will be capturing at EVO, his thoughts concerning the storylines of Justin, Gootecks, and Joe in the movie, and all of his thoughts concerning this year

  • Glenn of GetYourTournament - talking about the groups and brackets, who will go through, who won’t, what upsets we might see, who we’re going to see in the final bracket, top 8 placements, finals predictions, winner predictions, and much much more!

Mike Ross too! just added!

Tune in tonight at 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST at www.djwheat.tv

leave questions in this thread and i’ll try and ask them

anyone else listening in? Justin plays Sagat lolololol

America is doomed

will this show be recorded?

I would assume so; (all?) past LO3 shows are downloadable from their website.

Wong had to sell out to Sagat. He really wants to beat Daigo with him. Go West Coast!

What did wong say? He said he’s playing all sagat now?

His 3rd backup after Abel.

he said he’s got a secert character besides abel and rufus and then said he’s been leveling up his sagat in japan.

i’ll tell you in person, just go to game over right now

ninja edit: i’ve never heard ryan heart speak in my life, holy crap. i wish i was black AND had a sexy uk accent (no homo)

not gay at all


ryan heart sounds mad confident too. I wanna see Sabre vs Heart seeing as he’s not used to rarely used characters

LOL at Mike Ross. I don’t sugar coat things anymore, haha.

rofl sf4 predictions

1st. miniwheat
2nd. daigo


QFFT!!! Mike Ro…excuse me MIKE BOSS with the realistic quotes lol

Miniwheat is GDLK on another lvl… they basically banned him from every major

Justin seems a little to confident on his opinion of the 5v5 match. We are so good I might as well don’t play. Not a good thing to say Justin. Now the West Coast team really wants to beat the East Coast. The host were right about him being over confident and it did show.

West Coast has really wanted to beat the East Coast since the beginning of time. And vice versa. That’s why there’s the eternal rivalry between the two.

Stop fucking acting like this is a new development, you have no fucking idea what’s going on with EC vs WC or anyone vs anyone, ‘MVCFan15’.

is this archived anywhere?

^ ^ ^ t’s what I’m wondering too. Don’t think so, not yet at least.

I don’t know what the standard turnaround time is for their shows to go from recording live to posting the download, but… what’s weird is I don’t even see a mention of this episode on their website. Normally, they have a post announcing the show and its time before it’s broadcast. Hopefully it wasn’t some random off-the-record type thing. Sounds pretty unlikely anyway.

I’m sure it’s way too early to worry like we won’t get it or something; most other podcasts seem to take at least twelve hours. I dunno how much is needed to actually just encode and upload a file or whatever, but dudes need to sleep sometime!

Funny if we have to wait for it until after the Evo stream has started, though. Maybe I’ll try to catch up by playing both at once. :looney:

turnaround time is very fast and shows appear in the video section of the djwheat channel. evo preview is here http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1818977


That was entertaining, thanks for posting this up!