Special into super

for hadoken into ryu super or shoryuken into super i have a hard time inputting those commands i practice all the time but i have to mash it to come out like fei longs reika can i get some help/tips on getting them out if it helps i play on a te arcade stick

You answered your own question that is all anyone can tell you to do.

The qcf you do for the fireball will count towards the super motion. Try this:


Mash that shit!!!

or you know, just do what your doing now

Honestly, if you’re mashing and it comes out 100% of the time WHEN you want it to come out… then keep mashing. lol

Turn on input display and then you can see why it’s not coming out

im pretty sure he’s doing :qcf::u::db::df::ub::3p::3p::hcb::df::db::uf::p::ub::dp::3p::u::2p::qcf:

and with no results came here and created a new thread

not even close to what im doing its way more exact then that so yea eat a fat one nice try for trying to troll

He’s BEAST if he can do all that during a special

Lol that is probably it if he hasnt learned how to stop mashin.