SPecial Moves etc

**Rugal is… well… fascinatng in this game. He has some decent moves, priorities etc. But can you ppl out there who uses Rugal, knows which of his special moves (ex. Kaizer Wave) is his best move and why? **

But for me, my best bet is his god-press coz when it connects, your opponent is “owned” (wink wink)

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****But can you ppl out there who uses Rugal, knows which of his special moves (ex. Kaizer Wave) is his best move and why? **

Well, the God-Press sets up all of Rugal’s most damaging combos.
He’s got to either combo into it or RC it for it to be of any use to him. From watching my brother play Rugal stands a good chance with landing it crossing up waking opponents. You can counter-hit a lot of his pokes, so to combo into God Press without anylike like a RC, parry or JD… Fuck maybe even a dodge attack is almost impossible without a crossup. His K-groove comboes aren’t his strongest. It’d give that to either N or S. His A-groove combo is hot though. I think it was the most damaging in the whole game.

I think Rugal’s one of those characters who must use everything in his arsenal to be effective as he’s got nothing he can really abuse except for maybe the Air Dark Smasher, which is why we’ve been killing ourselves trying to tigerknee that shit.

Kataclysmic? Where u at???

Thanks dude but, correct me if Im wrong; so you guys there uses Tiger Knee (sagat?) against Rugals’ Dark Smasher? By GOD you must be joking, i mean, why use a tiger knee when you can just counter Rugal with a simple Tiger Uppercut (pref. light punch)? I also use Sagat but when it comes to countering air special moves such as Rugals’, a proper timing can be done and for sure a shoryuken (or the like) will have the priority man. I used to abuse this move of Rugal but after a few bout, my opponents in the arcade just throwing shits off my Rugals’ Dark Smasher.

Oh by the way, I also found out that Rugals’ grab can be linked to a combo when done at the corner.

Sagat [1] M.Bison [1] Rugal [2]

no, by tigerknee I mean to make the move start up closer to the ground than you would normally think it would. I actually pulled it off about 3 hours ago and I was amazed. That is an awesome move, you can combo one of Rugal’s supers off of it. Like what some said in that other thread it’s a hard move to parry and just defend, and if you could tigerknee it then it’d come out faster.
In this sense, Rugal’s feet are barely off the ground. On Sagat, that’s an instant hit. There’s no tiger uppercutting that shit.
Feel free to check that thread out. Hell I’m surprised it’s still there, I started it a while back.

Nice… I don’t tiger knee it anymore because I’ve been able to jump forward, upwards, and/or backwards and still get it out at the same speed of the tiger knee(or about a cm higher, depending on my reflexes at the moment). Either way, it’s a really good move that can set things up in the corner and help for rush down. Lots of moves beat it but not many play Rugal so abuse dat stuff until people learn :stuck_out_tongue: Also doing the smash is asking to be destroyed by a good A-Groover, but where I live, I’m the only one who can play A-Groove and deal over 9000 dmg muhahaha.

Sheeeshh… :slight_smile:

To test a P/K-Groover’s potency:

Stand back, charge Kaiser Wave, and release. If they’re closing in on you before you can charge the Kaiser Wave to its fullest, release it earlier and mix up the speed the varies with the button you’re holding (jab=slowest, fierce=fastest).

  • If they can’t parry/JD every hit, keep throwing charged Kaiser Waves.

  • If they CAN parry/JD every hit, start taking your opponent more seriously.