Special moves in 3rd Strike


I’ve been playing some 3rd Strike again recently, and I’m running into a couple big problems.

  1. I can’t get my special moves out consistently…like, at all.
    I noticed that the deadzone for the controller seems different than in SF4 and SF5. That itself I don’t have an issue with.
    The problem is, even when I grind the joystick on the edges, I can’t get uppercuts and fireballs out half the time.

Is the input time for a special move shorter than in later games?
I don’t see how I could possibly miss a fireball motion when I grind a quarter circle along the edge of my stick :confused:

  1. Are the inputs for (in this case) Ryu’s towards Strong stored longer than in later games?
    I see myself doing overheads on accident alot when I actually want to do standing Strong into fireball.

FightCade is probably not the best way to practice 3rd Strike anyways :confused:
Getting utterly destroyed doesn’t really help me improve, especially considering how overwhelming the parry mechanic is in this game when you start out.
Wish there was like a ranked format of some sorts where I could fight people of equal strength.
Currently it’s just jumping into a match and hoping that I’m not against someone that’s been playing Urien for the last 10 years.