Special moves on crossup? How?

SSF4 has the same SF4 problem:
It’s impossibile to be sure to perform a special move while one char is changing side with a crossup.
Cause of this, you cannot:

  • EX flame an enemy crossup attemp on wakeup (and connect the ultra I)
  • Perform any crossup with jb.mk while enemy is on the floor. (I know Dhalsim doesn’t need it, but It’s an exemple)
  • In a mirror match, when a Sim does an IAT, the other Sim couldn’t be sure to use a short limb (back+any button sometimes become forward+any button).
  • You cannot use back TELEPORT KKK to escape from the corner when enemy is crossuping.
  • You cannot slide during Dictator stomp and use Ultra II.
  • And so on…

I’ve spent a lot of hours in training mode searching for a method to do special moves in this situation, but I haven’t found a solution. Sometimes the move comes to the wrong side, sometimes it doesn’t come at all, sometimes it works. The input of a move seems that depends on enemy position when you’re standing up, and it changes in few frames. You cannot realize in real time which is the right input.

If you’ve some tricks, ideas or wonna make some tests, please let me know there, ty :pray:

in sf4 as you wake up if there cross up is meaty it will hit you out of ex upflame just wastes meter. the motion i used was fireball > reverse fireball +2k,

i also tested it with super on my wake up i cant remember the motion =/ maybe reverse fb,fb +p

while testing it i landed some supers, trade upflame but then i recorded the opponent cross up again and made sure it was meaty and no luck, when i tried reverse super trying to counter cross up they land on the other side and block.

eg. zangieff flying chest hair attack cross up i do super he lands on ground blocking

i tried it with all cross up charaters for arcade.

but if anyone else has had luck or similair things with this would be cool to know.

i haven’t tried it with teleport yet maybe because at the time i would want iat. not to sure how it is in super

You can use a lot of different motions. But this isn’t the main problem.
I think that motions don’t influence the direction/side of your wakeup move.

Sometimes sf4 system will autoflip your input, but it may happen that your wakeup EX blast is still in the wrong direction.

It’s funny to test it in training mode: record an enemy grab, then a crossup. Restart and try to forward dash to avoid the crossup.
Record again with another crossup with a different timing and try again to forward dash behind the crossup.

My result are completely random: once he escapes with the backdash animation, once he escapes with the forwardash animation,
once he goes toward the opponent with a forwardash LOOOL (Hope you understand, it’s better to show in a video than to explain here)

Yeah, this happens because super has invincible frames at startup.

:x, i dont think this is good technique to use for dhalsim if your oppent does meaty. but supersf4 maybe ultra 2? o_O

what commands were you trying. ive also tried late half crilce but i find it to hard to land

you cannot do a reversal ultra2. Unfortunately you’ve to input “up” to perform an instant U2 or just jump.