Special moves problem that I would like to overcome


So I have two problems with special moves.

  1. Whenever playing, I can never seem to get a long enough combo with specials. I don’t know if this is a problem really but I feel like if I can only pull off a 3 hit combo (Considering all of a special move as just 1 hit) with specials, I won’t ever improve. I can pull off a long normal attack combo just fine, but implementing specials into the combo seems to get to me.

  2. Whenever I play against an experienced player who I do not play against on a regular basis, I have a tendency to choke and none of my specials come off. The typical scenario consist of me being pushed into a corner beaten down.

I believe it might involve with my mind thinking too fast and my fingers are not fast enough. I assume that there are some of you out there who have experienced this problem. So I ask you all if there is any explanation on what my dilemma is and you have any tips on how to overcome it?


only thing you can do is repeat the motion over and over again until you develop muscle memory. then you will do it out of reaction and never really think about it anymore.


Fight the character, not the player…

As for choking and getting your combos out right, it takes practice. Practice practice practice. That’s the bottom line. Put it on autoblock, whatever. Just practice.