Special offers in the EU?


I’m not in the market for any new peripherals right now but I have noticed that people are being advised on new arcade sticks etc the recommendations of sales and special offers always crops up, especially through companies like mad catz. The EU seems to be a bit of an outpost, the mad catz store for instance is ran through the mad catz subsidiary gameshark and everything has a specialist interests import feel to it. Does anyone know if the EU regions get sales similar to those in the US or is it better to just import?


From what I heard the EU don’t get the same sales. Or even the same product resales.


last month i emailed madcatz uk/ gameshark uk, enquiring about wii u stick price parity

they replied with a generic fuck you

so still waiting for the wii u sticks do drop


Yeah because honestly Here is the order of priorities with international markets (or at least How I see it)

Most of Mainland Asia
At here is the cut off for the serious stuff

The list of those who get okay-ish listings
Canada (but not Mexico)
Rest of Europe

Everyone else is SOL

I would not even count for a Price Drop.