Special project, looking for a custom stick


Currently looking for someone to build a ps3 and xbox 360 custom stick. Prefer using perfect 360’s and convex buttons. I’ve grown used to my mas pro stick and prefer american sticks to japanese style. Price range looking around $1000 (which includes parts, labor and shipping) If anyone is interested please reply or give me a pm.


Damn $1000?? You lookin to have it gold plated or something?


lol no, but i would like to pay nicely for a good work of craftsmanship. Thing really is i had got 3 fightsticks 2 SE one TE and they all have problems within 2 weeks of getting them. Buttons, stick clips not responding. Yet my MAS i had since 2003 works perfectly. I would be better off just looking here first.


Look in the trading forum. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble getting one of the custom builders to hook you up.


Good idea, didnt realize srk had a trading forums thanks, Mods any chance you get this could you move this to the trading outlet please?


Wouldn’t it be like $300 from arcade-in-a-box? They can do your dual system setup easily enough, and the cases are great quality. The only problem is the current waiting list.