Special Step Backdash Cancelling

I was messing around in training mode with Jin, and I got to thinking, that since you can cancel Special Step into Backdash, that could potentially lead to making Jin completely safe against certain characters. I’m not entirely sure how viable this is in actual matches, but I thought it was an interesting bit of tech.

Post any usages found in this thread, if you feel like attempting it. Right now, I feel like it could make you safe against Zangief and Hugo, but I’m not sure about other characters at this time.

I’ve been messing around with this as well. Not to make anything safe, however; more so to try and bait out attacks.

[LEFT]I’ve been using either Swaying Willow or Thrusting Uppercut (both are -3 with decent pushback) in block strings. Does 'Gief have anything that can punish from that range? I don’t think he has a 3 frame normal, and I’m not sure about his SPD range. [/LEFT]

SPD goes pretty far in this game, but I don’t know if it would reach that far.

Yes, gief can punish both with reversal LP SPD.

Are you talking about letting SS come straight out or cancelling the startup altogether? I actually like the second option, although it is much more difficult. Its crazy how far he dashes back though lol. if i do Shun Masatsu, SS xx backdash he’s can’t get punished by damn near any non rushing super/special. I’d have to check what the frame data would be on this. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he was like +2 or something LOL. Frame trap with far HK lmao. I think SM gives… 27 or 28 frames of stun so theoretically it may be possible. that’s some advanced shit though mayne…

Zangief’s 360LP is 5f and Hugo’s 360P is 6f, so neither of those should work as a legitimate punish. Zangief’s super art is instant, though, so you would have to be more careful when he has meter.

hmmm i thought gief’s was 2f like in SF. strange that they would make it 5.

Yup and remember, fastest in the game is Marduk’s at 4f.

Yeah, cancelling the startup altogether. I think the best motion so far (if you can’t do the actual motion, which is tough) is:


I’m just gonna rehash what I said in the main thread since this is related directly to this topic.

I’m sure a lot of you know the SS backdash doesn’t count as your real backdash. I’m not sure how that affects its properties aside from the fact that you can do two backdashes in rapid succession after an SS. I think the best application of this (for now) is when you are cornered or in range of a grappler/rushdown character is to do a blockstring into SS, double back dash and that gives you about 2/3rd screen distance to zone again, essentially putting the game back in your favor off a block string…

I usually end up doing it and landing exactly at HP fireball range, but i’m sure you’ll be able to vary the distance based on what sort of block string you use.