Special Step?

I really want to play Jin because he is my main in Tekken, but his special step inputs are too frustrating!

In 2013 it should honestly be like the hugo knee motion where its down, neutral, down but since capcom refuses to listen to the concerns of its fans 90% of the time, I need an easier way to special step

Ive heard doing double fireball motion, and Its somewhat inconsistant. It comes out at times, but if im playing online and I drop it, well Im SOL.

So should I let muscle memory take over and learn the actual motion, or should I just practice double fire balls?

Ask wolfkrone if you’re on pad lol

Proper execution should be always your first choice, but as I hate the Mishima notion I just don’t do it.

a) Proper way.
b) :qcf:, :qcf: - my favorite motion. Works like a charm for me
c) :f:, :hcf:, not that bad, I just prefer b) over c).

I just got the game so I’m new at this shit, but I’ve found that doing a sort of circle will get the motion. My inputs end up looking something like:


I can probably clean up my movements but it works, and you can do it in one relatively smooth movement.

I use option c more then anything. The only thing is that I don’t input the last forward input as it’ll always register on the down-right input. That makes it much simpler, and less likely to get a fireball instead.

bmckay’s input’s are also pretty simple, and easy to do if your starting from a down-back position.

Just picked the game back up today and you can simply do :f: :qcf: and you’ll get SS

I find double QCF much easier though

Learn it the proper way, it’s not that difficult, though learning it at first from a crouching position is proably the most frustrating part.
double cqf is useful for doing it from a crouching position but if you remove the df from the first qcf you are already doing it the proper way.

In the beginning i did f,hcf, by exaggerating the move i made sure i hit the inputs and when i did it faster and missed inputs the special step still kept coming out, eventually you’ll only be hitting the inputs need: F, Neutral, D, DF. Anyway proper way is the fastest and most consistent, but it really isn’t difficult.

If your crouching you can just do :Df:+normal (release :df: ) QCF

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As far as crouching goes, I’ve found success with starting at :df: then going into something like :b::d::df:

*Edit: I hate you, Kaiten.