Special/Super Cancel Frames

It’s a rather obscure question, but:

Am I right in assuming that when you target cancel, special cancel or super cancel a move, you’re cancelling the recovery frames of the move?

Or are you cancelling some of the active frames, too?


During which frames the cancel will actually occur varies from move to move, but generally at least a few active ones stay out (a necessity for it to combo - But there are examples of whiff cancel/cancelling before actual active frames on Capcom games, Vampire Savior for example has such cancels for some moves).

If I misunderstood it and you’re asking “during which frames should I cancel?”, the answer is: That’s not needed. If you do a sweep then a DP immediately after, the DP will come out during the very first cancellable frames of the sweep. Naturally, there’s a number of frames “into the move” you need to conclude your special/super before reaching, or else you won’t get the cancel. Once again, varies with move, some have large windows, some don’t.

i thought it was basically during the active frames is when you can cancel?

depending on the system, you can input your normal then input your special pretty much right after (like 4 where the only kara input frame is the first frame) or you have to wait til it actually enters active frames/hits before you put the special in. i think 3S is like that? i haven’t played a lot of it so i dunno

What matters is the sequence of inputs the game is receiving. If you were to make a macro to input

:d::mk: :dp::hp:

The fastest possible way (not wasting any frames of input, SF reads inputs by checking what buttons and directions are being activated on a given frame, if you didn’t know), you would likely do a sweep then DP (If things like kara cancel frames or other game-specific mechanics don’t get in the way, though usually they’re designed to not tangle with a theoretical “perfect” execution of a move)

You’re just cancelling whatever was supposed to come after the instant you finished the motion (and hit pause is over), it doesn’t discriminate between active and recovery frames afaik.

That’s pretty much it

I feel like a tool, you just said in one sentence what took me two posts to convey

Though the “after hit pause” part is probably not universally true

Maj’s article on impact freeze should answer your question.


Nah, you didn’t misunderstand me. The original paragraph was exactly the kind of answer I was looking for.

I wasn’t asking asking to help aid me with any kind of combo application, I’ve just recently got into understanding and reading frame data and I was curious as to how certain cancels affected annd interrupted certain move properties.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Awesome. Thank you.