Specialists 5v5 - Team LA West Thread QUALIFIERS ANNOUNCED

The Team LA West Qualifiers will be held at Don’s Arcade in Torrance, CA next Friday March 26th at 7:00 PM. You must PM me or request in this thread to get the address.

Since Combofiend cant make this event I’m gonna be team captain. I need to know all the players from the LA West region that want to play in this. So if youre interested post in this thread. If your friends are interested you can post their names too.

Team LA West Prospects

JC Exclusive
Ark Impulse
James Chen
Super Phamicom

I’m down. I’ll hit you up in regards to venues.

Wow, Shane, good job spamming the Pacific South forums with your threads. :tdown:

Haha, just kidding. Oh, and with no Peter Rosas --> OC >> LA West. :razz:

i might be interested, when is it?

I dont know when or where the qualifiers will be yet. The Regional 5v5 tournament is at Cicada’s next Saturday March 27th.

Damn, sux that Combofiend can’t make it… Well, count me in. I’m sure my friends are interested too.

We can either do it at my place, or we can ask Don?

I just realized we did this at Bmarq’s last time so i sent him a message about it. I also sent one to Don. I’ll see what they say. Worse comes to Worst we can do it at your spot.

For sure. We already have 2 set ups at my place. We can set up a 3rd one in the kitchen.

The Specialists III is next Saturday. When do you want to do this?

I’m gonna see what Bmarq and Don say. If we do it at your house what are the best days and times?

We can do it any time this Friday through Sunday. And next Thursday (03-25-10) is good too.

Ok i talked to Don and he said we can do it at his place next Friday. I need for all LA West players to post here or have your friends post for you so i can pm you the address.

You got it man. My friends already been to Don’s so we’ll be there next Friday.

I’d like to try and get in the team. Holla at me.

Yo let me get in on this

lol damn… count me out… my wifes birthday is being celebrated on that friday… i had to ask for a day off 2 months in advance to get it!

haha, its all good, good luck to all who play, represent la west to THE FULLEST!

oh yeah… joon you should get that reclusive awesome bro of yours to come out of hiding and show everybody whats up with that crazy ass viper!

gl guys i’ll be rooting for you in the cicada stream!


Yo Shizza! Good luck on the Specialist man. You’re doing your thing!
I gotta make that I.E team this Sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to the L.A. West guys! I’ll be rooting for you. I’d try and enter, but I’ve got plans for the day that the Specialists runs and what not. Represent!


shizza, Zanches, joon, __________ , ____________

don’t know the rest as well, next specialists will be interesting, hopefully I can watch the stream, GL HF.