Specials in combos

Hi guys… I’m a Marvel player coming over to SFxT and I’m having issues with the combo system. Mainly with inputting special moves into combos. It seems that it’s impossible at times.

First I’ll use a trial as an example. In some trials it’ll require you to do the following…

Jab, Short, Forward, Roundhouse, Special

Now, when I do Roundhouse, Special, the specail always comes out. However, once I add the other stuff, the special is so much harder to come out. Yet and EX version will always work (why is this?).

Another thing is when I use the two H’s to bring in a character mid combo, why can’t I ever connect special moves after bringing in the next character? For example, if I do HH to bring in King and connect with a few normals, I won’t be able to land any specials. They just won’t come out. Why is this?

Sorry guys, these questions were way better worded in my head. If you don’t understand them, let me know and I’ll try to be more specific.

Also, one more thing - if I do HH in a combo and switch partners, is it possible for the partner coming in to do another HH?

Sorry, one more - whenever I try to do a Cross Art mid combo, I get the safe switch move and bring in my partner. Will I just get better at this with execution or am I missing something besides QCF M+M mid combo?

If you do the magic series chain combo (LMHH for example), then you can ONLY cancel into EX moves and Supers if the move was cancelable. If you do Links or a Target Combo/String that is cancelable, you can do a normal special move.

If you’re talking about King here, you can definitely do a series of moves into a special on the Launcher. The standard combos are Knee x2 :hp: xx :dp::hp: if you’re close to your side of the screen and cr:lp: Knee :hp: xx :dp::hp: if not

You can connect a second launcher, but it’s tricky and I’m not sure if all characters can do it. Generally not worth it

If you try and cross art while doing a move that isn’t cancelable into a cross art (such as during a chain or a normally uncancelable move) then the game reads the input as a tag cancel

You can not cancel chain’s into specials unless they are the EX vesion

you can cancel links into specials/EX

The Tekken characters have their own unique Tekken-Chains which are cancelable, They’re just target combos most of the tekken characters have.

So when I come in off a combo + launcher, I can only combo into an EX or Special? Is it worth the meter?

Also, are Cross Arts ever worth the meter?

Thanks for all your help, guys.

You can use cancels in combos, but if you want a special in, you have to ink the normal before the special cancel.

So if “xx” = cancel, and “,” = link
Then you can lp xx lk , mk xx special but you cannot do lp xx lk xx mk xx special.

Crossarts are worth the meter to kill off recoverable health a character has, and characters like Hugo can have a lot of recoverable health.