Specials & Need-to-knows



Hi guys Names Froggy straight out of the boogiedown bronx, I’m new to SRK. I came here to discuss some questions I have about the “Vman”.



Two days ago my road to being more Viewtiful came after a 5 hour sitdown with a friend doing casuals. I play only mvc. He plays mvc/ sf. His main is sf and I couldn’t keep up at all at first. I had non point, no exp, just combos I use on non-moving CPU. I got smoked. The next day I randomly thought of Joe - seen a tutorial online and like partially for the most part a lot of slippery mechanics stuck with me although I had not played.

My current game-plan:

[details=Spoiler] 3, 2… stick to them like glue 1 jump go! Forward H for airgrab if I whiff I go instant overhead with S if ducking if standing j.h+qcf L to hold voom land cancle into a assist & double cross up for an early combo. If we both go for scoop and we both tech assist going back already and I still have air instant hot foot dive options.

If they back up too far I have proj. Assist while I neutral play with j.dash+l.voomerang 3 back 2 forward 1 back 2 forward until I can get close enough for some cqc options.

I get a kill, L.shocking pink hold M as all the M normals are Meh. Hold H voomerang, call assist, usually they are so afraid of the shocking pink they wont attack. So I get a free incoming mixup. When I use MODOKs balloon bomb w/ shocking pink I get two fake barriers that sxare most of their attacks off anyways.

As of now I don’t have really any combos just a whole lot of confirms.[/details]

I want to know a few things I may be doing wrong. Sometimes as I ready sexmachine airborne I feel it isn’t as invincible as the grounded version. Its as if on ground corner to corner vs shin-hado it will push through it and clip him but if I’m in air I just feel the properties are off sometimes I cant even get it out in time.

Same with Machspeed, vs some moves its like it won’t even fully happen and I’d lose a bar before my closeup… where as sometimes vs even the quickest of hypers like akumas hado I rush him right out and give him a full punish. Maybe its just me this is only day three I’m dawning on.

What is the perfered Voomerang of the joe community as you’re in S.J height? Would that be the one that swings straight down? I ask cause I know some players that do high play with a simular proj. Like c.america send their sheilds up. This question applies to both regular thrown and charged.

Shocking Pink hold - sometimes I’m tossing my shuriken so quickly the bomb bounces behind them, is this when I should releace it? Also next question in relation is will the bomb protect them from hits? I use a beam assist so I normally can’t see them I just know they are there and I’m just trying to toss ish in that area ha!

I know of joes plinking I just want to know can I do alrifht with just a normal continious dash in air? I’m a pad player and I do struggle wave dashing back but forward I’m solid as well as short air dashes as this was something I’ve had to learn through my modok point era.

Any use for H.upper? I know L. Makes for safe-unsafe to make safe again combos, M. For when you have a confirm, but for H I haven’t seen a way I can safely use it outside of combo.

What are the heights and ranges I can catch someone with slowmo?

Anyways guys ill update this with questions or concerns that if I have any.


-day four; I’ve really been practicing the launcher into L air joe, m.red hot, h.red hot relaunch l.air joe, m.red hot, h.red hot slow mo. Hasnt really beeb working though haha. I’ve been trying to have a reliable way for the obstacles to lead into a sortof combo haha.


-day five: learned how to plink on my controller… only downside is I cannot power hold the bombs anymore. QQ but what I did lose in a “safety wall” I did gain in a slipprier point with more actions up close to confirm. Been practicing the loop combo with joe in to slow mo, works during xf1-3 but during reg its still kindof hard. /:

Any joes out there to help me