I have been playing SSFIV for the oast 3 days and I can do all the basics except the specials. I’ve been using Sakura as my character… can anyone give me some pointers on using her?? or should I just change my character??:wonder:




When you say “except the specials” in what why… Are they not coming out? or is something different come out?


By “specials,” do you mean special moves? Hadoken, Shouoken, Shunpukyaku, etc? If so, just hit training mode and practice the commands over and over until you can do them relatively consistently. Make sure to practice them on both sides of the screen, since you need to develop muscle memory for doing quarter circles and such in both directions. Turn “Input Display” to ON so you can see exactly what directions/buttons you’re hitting, which will help you see what you’re doing wrong. Changing your character won’t do much since more than half the cast uses similar command inputs, with the exception of charge characters.

If that’s not what you mean by “specials,” can you be a little more specific?


Haha me too, well the only thing I can do are all the specials, ex moves, supers, and ultras. The funny thing is I can only do it regularly on one side. I can’t do combos yet, because for some reason I keep button smashing and it just messes me up. It might be because I’m using a controller, but I’m not sure.


ok… I dont want to ask a stupid question… but its my first time playing it so here goes… you know like when you have your special ready… and u can use it… i dont know how to execute it. when I play in challenge mode with Sakura I can go to up to level 10 I guess… and there is this combo that goes [ex] and the movement… how do I do that??? I hope this question made sense.


Best thing to do with combos is start learning basics 1-2’s 1st.
Ryu/Ken (even if you dont play them is a good start because its soo easy)

Start with something easy like:
when you’ve got that down.
learn :lp:>:mk:
then just add them all together.


EX special moves are the same as regular ones, you just use two buttons instead of one. So, for example, while a normal fireball would be :qcf::p:, an EX fireball would just be :qcf::2p:.

If you see “EX Focus Cancel” in a trial mode combo, that means to perform a focus attack (:mp:+:mk:) immediately after the preceding attack (you may or may not need to dash-cancel the focus attack as well, but you’re not likely to be encountering trial mode combos where you need to do that yet).


I really want to get a stick instead of using a controller but for the mean time I guess Ill just practice with that. I think I’m just going to practice on challenge mode till I get everything down. I got the basics, Hadoken, Shouoken, Shunpukyaku, down… just need to practice more I guess and like you guys said get the muscle memory down.


OHH, that makes sence. Thanks now I want to go and try it right now! Maybe Ill get a stick this month and keep practicing.


Thanks sleazy I’ll try that out.


wow we really do have some new guys this year. and not everyone has everything down, I barely play 4. training mode is your firend, some of challenge mode’s combos aren’t too practical because of damage scaling (the game makes them do less so that people don’t just own their opponents with 100 percent combos… unless it’s seth vs gouken lol.) or other reasons.

sakura combos for you
c. lk mk hadoken- if the hits are blocked DON’t go into a special, instead, try a throw or just walk back a little.
j hp st hp hp sho-oh-ken- use for punishment- as in you hit your opponent with this when they make a mistake are in range. you can subst the s.o.k. for ex shunpu and then go into her juggle punches (DP motion px3) or ex shoryuken. since super sf4 is out she has now has the shinku hadoken, so you could use that after the launch.

more on youtube and in the wiki.