Specific dialogue?



Hey, just fought Shin Evil Ryu with Oni and he said something along the lines of “two demons fighting” and at first I thought he must say that only for Oni because I only end up fighting him with Oni. Went and got cheap with Zangief trying to fight Oni but fought E. Ryu again except he changed his opening dialogue and said my mass of muscles would be a pile of crap or something very different with the dialogue with Oni. If anyone has those quotes please post them here for everyone to enjoy them since I doubt many of us will get to experience it. Be interesting what he says to himself. I too will be trying to get the lines he says, LAter!

To Ryu: “This is it. If I defeat myself, I will be complete.” (I . . . I cannot give in to this power!)
To Evil Ryu: “Satsui no Hado . . . Only one man can possess such power.” ( )
To Ken: “It’s over Ken. Now, not even you can stop me.” ( )
To El Fuerte: “Step forward. We shall see who will dine on whose bones.” (Have some of my cuisine! It will calm you down and settle your stomach!)
To Balrog: “Such boastful pride. You will repent once I’m through with you!” (What the hell was that!? Are you a fighter, or some bum off the street!?)
To Sakura: "End your search, child! The “Ryu” that you knew no longer exists! (Ryu-san! Please, wake up!)
To Makoto: “Rough around the edges. But amusing. Let’s fight!” (Battling you gives me chills down my spine . . . )
To Gouken: “Stop me? Death will welcome you with a cold embrace!” (Do not give into this power Ryu!)
To Yang: “You’re finished! You can’t read the movements of a demon!” (I almost lost my cool against you just now.)
To Oni: “So, this is it. The final battle shall be waged between two demons!” (Nothing stands in my way now!)
To T. Hawk: “The power of nature? Nature trembles before my unholy might!” ( )


Sakura: "End your search, child! The “Ryu” that you knew no longer exists! (Ryu-san! Please, wake up!)


Please could you put up some more! Specifically against Akuma, Sagat, M.Bison and if possible Zangief! Thanks.


I’ll work on that as soon as I get my PS3 back from my gal pal!


Thanks man. I NEVER seem to get them in arcade lol.


Oakay, I know I’ve shirked this mission long enough but with the recent dlc of Asura’s Wrath I felt like using E. Ryu more. I also got a new intro for when he fights T. Hawk but neglected to whoop his butt and get the win quote so I’ll put that up when I can. OH! I pulled a trick out of my SF history of playing. Back on the psone when Street Fighter Ex Plus came out you could get into scraps against some overly powerful characters like Garuda. Thing is, if you think you were going to lose you could get the 2nd player to enter, kick their ass, and then start a new fight between you and the cpu. Same thing applies here if you really dig fighting the bosses once you’ve reached them or you’re trying to nab a trophy for beating Oni let’s say. Speaking of which, gamefaqs has the criteria for reaching Oni (don’t lose, get a perfect, 10 first hits, 5 super/lultra finishes and one on Seth) but I somehow got to him with one round settings. I’ll be updating that specific dialogue thread for Oni later as well. If more people could take some time to set the game on easiest, single rounds, get a perfect and a super on Seth to fight E. Ryu to get those specific introductions that would rock. Good day <^_^)

Evil Ryu to T. Hawk: “The power of nature? Nature trembles before my unholy might!”


Go watch it and thank this guy. Phew, work is now over.