Specific Matchmaking Glitch being Investigated


Hey all, I wanted to make you all aware of an ongoing thread discussing the likely existence of a specific glitch of the SFV matchmaking system.

The following thread discusses it in detail:

The issue is twofold:

  1. High ranked players (Gold+) like myself are
    matched against upwards of 90% low ranked (Bronze)

  2. Many low ranking (Bronze) players see the exact
    opposite, where the vast majority of matches they
    get are with high Silver and Gold players.

The thread explains further, but it is not just an
issue of less Gold players online or anything like
that. It also happened directly after the Guile
patch and seems to permanently affect specific

My intention is to increase the visibility of this problem and make Capcom aware of its existence. I am in the process of emailing the various Capcom support sites, and will be posting to their social media accounts as well. Please do the same if this is something you have experienced, and please do post your personal experience regarding this issue here as well, the more data we have the better.

Hopefully it will be identified and resolved soon.

Thanks guys and gals.