Specific question about jump-ins


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I was wondering where I can find information on the possible jump-ins (whether it’s a jump-in LK/MK/HK) to know how much frame advantage I have to determine my possibilities.

Kind of newbish but here’s an example of what I’m trying to understand.

Situation 1: I perform a cr.HK (sweep) then I jump-in and do a LK (if he blocks, I can perform a grab)


Situation 2: I perform a cr.HK (sweep) then I jump-in and do a HK (if he blocks, If I perform a grab, the grab will wiff)

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Frame advantage varies based on how long the time is from when you hit until when you land. Hitting someone very high up results in less frame advantage than hitting them close to the ground. That is why it’s never listed on wikis and such.


Also, depending on the attack, it might be basically impossible to hit said attack low to the ground against some characters.

Generally, in SF4, the game either gives you a year to confirm into another attack, or almost nothing and it’s safe to hit your throw.


Thank you for your replies

Is this why I sometimes see people “delay” their jump ins and hits at the very last moment for better frame advantage after some kind of a safe setup? I always used to ask myself why players do this, (In my head the opponent would have more time to react or something. Thanks again ^^

I love how SF4 works xD everything is so technical. Thank you for the info!


The delay is also so players would have less time to react to a followup attack or go for an empty jump. Lights cause least block/hitstun while heavies cause the most. If you do an empty jump with no attack you could go low and surprise them when they stand up to block your jump in. Likewise you could do a jump in jab expecting them to block and then throw them right away because they aren’t expecting it. You can’t throw people for 2F after they leave blockstun or hitstun, so using a light attack means you can throw them much sooner than if you used a heavy attack.