Specific questions on beating specific people

I have a few questions if anyone can be so kind to answer. I play mainly C/K Eagle, Ken, Guile. Oh and I play on XBL so no RC’s…

Against Cammy, how do I get her away when she starts with standing fierce and roundhouses? Spiral arrows seem to hit my down and forward once she pushes herself out of range (In other words once she gets pushed back I can’t keep her away cause a spiral arrow eats my down and forward). Spiral arrows go under sonic booms…Are there any normal moves I can throw out that will stuff a spiral arrow/and or Cammy’s standing fierce/roundhouse?

Against Chang - How do you stop Choi? With the exception of a special move, is there anyway to stop choi in his tracks? I’m unsure about how to proceed against Chang with choi flying all over the screen and Chang following him. It seems impossible to jump at Chang if Choi is in motion…

If you need more specific situations with Chang I can give you a few…

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance…

After a blocked far roundhouse from cammy, sonic hurricane with guile. With eagle, standing fierce after the roundhouse, she’ll have to block it if close enough.

Against chang, block choi or shoot a projectile then rush. Chang has to be one of the easiest chars to beat.

Dear friend,

With guile, just do crouching forwards a lot. You don’t even have to bother with sonic booms if you don’t want to. Get in max crouch forward range, then kick Cammy in the shins. If she does perfectly spaced spiral arrow, just block and then kick her in the shins more

fireballs/projectiles trade with choi, he doesn’t have a strong anti-air besides d+fp

wait for choi to leave, maneuver around him or way for him to do his move then go back to chang, then rush in. abuse chang and his height and gigantic body

i think eagle’s long range pokes like s. fp and c. fk, if timed right, can stuff chang from almost full screen and choi wont come out

Once eagle gets into a bit less than half screen choi is no longer an option against Eagle. Eagles s.fierce will hit choy out of his fireball and then hit chang in the face. This can be done on reaction. I dunno the matchup too well, but this should help some…

And any normal will beat choi if timed right. You can even jab him out. I think low hitting moves arent as good as mid hitting moves though (for the tornado choi).

Thanks gwai thats what i was looking for specifically, if there was any other way to stop choi besides with special moves (i.e fireballs and the such).

Cammy is a real trick on live cause of lag. It’s almost impossible to punish a spiral arrow with a normal cause she can do her uppercut type move and hit your leg.

I’ve read that thread about using down and forward with guile to stop cammy and trust me, on Live, it doesn’t work =\ The spiral arrow ate my leg for breakfast I was reduced to just blocking all day or eating counter hits.

Can guiles (or other charatcers I listed) downa nd jab punch be used to stuff a cammy fierce or roundhouse?

I know in real CvS2 play, guile’s kick will trade or hit Cammy clean out of cannon spike.

Can’t help you with this fake CvS2 thing you call ‘Live’ though. Sorry. :frowning:

against spiral arrow, gulie can use his standing MK to go over it and make it wiff. you are then free to punish as you see fit.

this will stop her from using it to try to get back in after poke strings and she will have to find another way to close the distance.

if you opponent is being predictable and throwing cannon spike after blocked spiral arrow, you can just block and punish with st.HK or super if you have it.

put those two together and your opponent will soon realize that they cant use spiral arrow with out fear of punishment and will stop using it as much.

Quiet guy - Thanks I will look to try that next time I fight a cammy online.

I’m assuming the sobat will stop this (I didn’t think to try it :frowning: ) but, Blanka’s sliding Fierce done continuously…Somersault kicks get stuffed, along with any crouching attack. Every time I try to counter with any crouching attack I get stuffed clean and knocked down, I try to somersault kick, stuffed clean and knocked down, low jump short (cross up) or forward, I get thrown when I land. I’m going to try sobat in training mode and see what that does for me…

Sobat doesn’t stop constant sliding fierce spam by blanka. At best it will hop over it sometimes…

what range is he doing it from? if he’s pretty much not doing it from almost max range, blanka’s slide isnt safe. at the very least, you can start your pressure up after blocking a slide from close distance.

Reiplin Pillage… I have a tip to REALLY improve your play. Try not dropping when I beat your R2 Guile that you stick out first with my R1 Ryu. And the saddest thing is, you even won the first game (with me not dropping of course). Being a loser doesn’t help your game at all.

Thanks I appreciaet the advice now if we can just rooooooollllll on into the correct forum we would be set. Make sure not to roll past it, be sure to grab onto something if you need to :slight_smile: Also try to make things laggy as you roll to that other forum, it will increase yoru cahnces of finding it :slight_smile:

lol, chang is not a bad character, you must not have played anyone who knows how to play him properly, cuz he is not one of the easiest characters to beat… if played right.


This is sorta in line with this thread -
I hear mention that Iori has some BAD match-ups, but I’m not quite sure who they are.

Could someone illuminate on…

a)who are they

b)why do they suck to play against

c)what to do about them

I play Iori in S primarily. I also play on Xbox live, but am more than happy to get arcade information.

Eagle vs Cammy:

I find s.mk is the magic button against cammy. It depends on how well you use it and time it though. For example it can be punished if they bait it. But it will stuff or trade with s.roundhouse. Imo eagle just outpokes cammy, poke with s.mk, then go for counter hit c.mk or another s.mk depending on the range. Throwing out a single s.mk and blocking for the most part will allow these counter hits to happen…

Eagles s.fierce will hit cammy when she is ducking. This move shouldnt be used very often because s.roundhouse will beat it clean most of the time and with cammy’s walking speed it is sometimes difficult to know exactly where she is. If you’re fighting k cammy watch for the distances very carefully. If she is JUST outside of your s.fierce range, dont press it unless you see her start to run but again, dont press it every time she runs from thsi distance.

Same goes for c.roundhouse, spiral arrow will beat /trade with this move a lot. If you time them right they can add more block stun and push cammy out more (which means she has to get in past eagles arsenal of pokes again). You can also get a few counter hits with his fierce/roundhouse if you read your opponent right.

Remember, a counter hit c.mk is a free custom/super combo.

Imo eagle has the advantage, but it depends on how well you play footsies.

Bullshit! What do you call his RC Spinning Ball, c.strong, j.strong/forward/fierce? You don’t think they’re good anti-airs?

I’ve read up on stuff about Chang that’s totally scrubby, but geez, these analyses are fucking stupid. Block Choi, shoot a projectile then rush in… take advantage of his height and gigantic body… WTF? You guys haven’t a clue how good Chang’s zoning is. He might be big, but he’s got more than enough to keep you out, and once he does, he can just rush in on YOUR ass until he pushes you into the corner (ever see his dash?). And then what? You’re gonna get GCed, eat a big ass Lv.3, and then get chipped some more until you’re dead. And if you try to hit P/K Chang with full meter, it’s one parry/JD and you’re fucked. You think you’re beat that by “abusing his height and gigantic body?” Give me a fucking break.

And by posting this you have provided more help than they have? :confused:

Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot the title of this thread was about BEATING specific people, not how to play them. As a long-time Chang player, I’m guessing my reply was unwarranted as it only explains why Chang isn’t to be taken lightly with equally uninformative tactics such as those, even if he is big and slow. Not how to beat him.

My bad.

Okay, bullshitting aside…

… down to the specifics.

If Chang’s RCing Choi, he’s vulnerable. Hitting him will stop Choi automatically. You can hit Choi with just about anything, but that just might be what Chang’s waiting for you to do, so it’s best to just run away. Pay close attention to what move Chang’s making Choi do. If he likes to do the move where he’s flying off the screen and towards you, he’s either using him to move in, or baiting you to jump at him. Choi can’t be thrown out constantly since he has to move next to Chang each time he recovers, so keep an eye out for what Chang’s rushing in with. If you see a pattern, try to counter. But make sure you don’t get cornered. No matter what groove you’re in, his trap’s hard to escape from, and your method of escape will depend solely on the character you’re using.