Spectacular Spider-Man creator now in charge of Young Justice cartoon


Holy. Fucking. Shit.


Did I just see Bart Allen…
Did I just see CONNER KENT…

Will be watching.


I can’t wait for this and some other shows on that list got my attention as well. We’ll see what comes from all of this.


Will Mighty Endowed be making a return?


also, this from the synopses later in the article. genndy tartakovsky is back!


LOL @ black Aqualad. The ultimate token character.


I hope it runs longer than 3 seasons. I miss Justice League/Unlimited like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve always wondered why out animated series don’t run as long as those in Japan. Comic books have been around for well over 20 years. It’s not like they don’t have any source material to work off of. Open up a comic and just animate that shit. If one book isn’t enough, then use enough to cover 24-30 min. I think if I heard right, things get political and that’s why the shows just stop the way they do. You hear about people wanting to move on and try something different, then when you research them, you find out they aren’t doing shit. Well guess what, you could have been making some gotdamn cartoons instead of trying to chug out a movie ever so often.

And why is Aqualad black? We all know black people can’t swim.


fuck its the ultimate paradox…a black man who can swim? what?!


How about he finishes up Samurai Jack properly before moving on to some other shit. I think that was his greatest creation by far. He just went on hiatus and never came back to Jack. Goes of an makes fosters home which while great wasn’t up to the quality of Jack or his version of star wars clone wars which is superior in every way to the CGI one now running. We need to petition his ass into making more samurai jack for us.


wut? gendy never made fosters…thats the powerpuff girls creator. jack got cancelled not hiatus.


He has no weakness, HE IS BROKEN!!!


This cartoon will officially be awesome. I usually watch an DC show but now that Greg Weisman is on board, I am STOKED!


Your right, my bad. Gendy and Craig did so much together, that I always put them in the same thought.

This came from the wiki. I know it’s not the most reliable source, but it’s better than nothing.


What ever happened to Spec. Spiderman?

Edit: Nevermind, read the IGN page. Marvel is fucking retarded. They fuck everything up. MvC3 will be fucked up because of Marvel.