Spectator Mode

At WNF someone asked Seth about spectator mode. Seth only said “maybe” was he talking about a separate mode where you just watch matches or the ability to watch matches in a lobby? Cause to me, if he had something good to say he would have said yes, not maybe, I’m really worried about this since they did it to MvC3.

Dont jump to conclusions on me with this one but, it seems that every time Capcom does not put in spectator mode in the start a new game is imminent. I told my self that if they did it again i wouldnt buy the next game they made. Though it makes no sense at all if you have online training, 4 player scramble mode and a screen shot displaying the ranking system to not put a spectator mode.

I feel where you are coming from as i am really worried to for the same reason with MVC3.
Also with the last trailer the promotional one that was like 4 minutes displayed nothing to do with a spectator mode.

That’s exactly why I’m worried, it seems so obviously that they would include it that they really don’t need to comment on it, so we have no way of knowing until we get the game.

As long as they patch that shit in I got no problem. I don’t see why it would’t be in off jump though.

Bragging that your online is better and not having a spectator mode is a fucking joke.


I am legit very worried about this, and the fact that no one seems to really care is also concerning.

Didn’t they say the online was gonna be SSF4’s?

I’ve never heard that or anything close to it. The only things I’ve heard regarding the online is that the netcode is built off of UMvC3 and there’s a lot modes.

They did.

Score one for me! That ends the thread! Hell yeah.

Lol, well this is one situation where I hope I’m wrong :slight_smile: But props for knowing your stuff

From the Capcom FAQ.

Ono himself has said the same thing.

Anyway I think ranked and endless lobby have spectating, while 2v2 tag and scramble mode won’t.

They’ll announce it when the time is right

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Well, considering replays are in, it’s logical that spectator mode is likely. We’ll see though. I am also somewhat worried.


1v2,2v2,1+1v1+1,ofcouse 1vs1 and spectate,replay channel include! ;D RT [S]@[/S]tortonon: will the lobbies support both 2v2 and 1v1? Playing in dou