Spectator mode?

Does anyone know why the spectator mode is gone, or is it just me?

Cuase Nintendo realized how pointless it was?

spectator mode would only be good if you can watch your own friends matches. And even that is still meh.

Even if that were true, why remove a feature from a game that’s already finished unless there was something seriously wrong with it? You see lots of pointless features in games all the time, but they don’t get removed after the fact.

Did it just recently disappear or are you just now starting to play online?

I know there was this:

But it doesn’t seem to be related to your problem.

It randomly dissapeared one day a few days ago. The next day it was back.

And I like Spectator Mode because it gives you coins and stickers while doing other stuff (like reading Hajime no Ippo or watching Derren Brown vids or something).

I’ve been playing Brawl online for a while now and I used Spectator mode a few times. Then just one day, it disappeared and it hasn’t come back since. I guess it’s some sort of bug?

I have like 99,999 coins. I don’t think I needa waste em betting on stuff. Wait…you can get stickers?

You get one or 3 stickers when you bet, plus there are the Treasure Chests that might contain 10, 30 or 50 stickers (personal estimates for the Small, Medium and Big bundles)

I find it pretty fun when the homies are over. After we’re all smashed out when can go into spectator mode, bet some coins and laugh at how bad people are.

I read somewhere that there was a drinking game for spectator mode.

I.e. Take a shot every time some one Spikes/self destructs/gets dragoon/ect

I suppose it would pretty easy to make your own rules.