Spectator only?


I’ve been playing fg’s for many years now and been playing them competitively for a while as well. I really don’t ever have enough time to play to make it worthwhile anymore these days. On the other hand, I love watching streams, intense matches, and combo videos. It makes me feel like I’m stalking the community lol. Has anyone else retired into just a spectator? I still find it very enjoyable since my experience allows me to “get” whats going on and understand how hype and tense some of the matches are or the execution to pull certain things off in the heat of battle. Is there room for spectators or should I just lurk in the shadows silently masturbating?


Magnificient tale, sibling.


are you going to be the one in the corner, dressed in an overcoat fapping? :stuck_out_tongue:


If that’s ok with everyone lol

Seriously though, has anyone else devolved into just a spectator?


“Devolved”? lol OK, stop with the self-depreciation man.

To answer your question, it depends on what you’d call a “spectator”. I still play fighters against other people, but I do not play in tournaments anymore. Those days are long over for me.

But I do like to watch tournament matches.

If that makes me a specator, then I am a spectator.