Spectral vs. Generation

I just walked into a local arcade, and noticed this fighter, especially since I had
NEVER seen it before, not to mention heard of it.

It looks incredible, and even more so, looked very fun to play. Some very cool
combos, specials, and character designs.

Sadly, didn’t get a chance to play it, since a worker turned the machine back to
Soul Caliber 2. :frowning:

Still, this game looks pretty Guilty Gear-ish, and plays a wee bit similar too.
Nevertheless, I thought it was worth mentioning.


Can’t tell me this doesn’t scream, “Sol Badguy”.

I was wondering if anyone had any match vids or knew where to find some.

hmmm looks very interesting:rock:

Spec vs. came out a while ago, and every few weeks a thread pops up. It wasn’t welcomed warmly by the Japanese, being passed over for everything else that was released right around then. =/


oh man do you live in NJ? Cause according to the break their copy is the only one in the US!

Is this the game that had a video on a site with 10 KoFXI vids and a bunch of Melty Blood AC vids? I watched it and it looked interesting.

I heard it was horrible. Am I wrong?

A few times Ko-hatsu, Challenger, and Game 41 had thrown SvG tournies and posted up some match videos, though they haven’t done this in along time. The times they had did it felt really random, and since there are too many new games out like KOF XI, SSVI, and T5: DR, they probably already forgotten about this game or seriously have a lack of people playing it. Who knows though.

Anyway, I’m really surprised that your arcade got this game. Maybe you should ask them to get better, newer games, or maybe the reason why you guys even got that game was because that game runs on old hardware (PGM).

The characters are from Idea Factory’s Spectral Souls and Generations of Chaos tactical RPGs. Apparently the 5 most popular characters from each.

Here’s the official site: http://www.ideaf.co.jp/v/s.html

It’s got a character list, and a trailer and such. In JPN though.

Looks ok. Worth a try at least.

IGS’s website has an english version.


The game is very fun/cool and you can do lots of interesting combos. Just didn’t take off. Kinda sad to see it die. It’ll probably get a PS2 release sometime.

Yeah, I went there on Friday and it was on their Soul Calibur 2 machine. I saw a
guy playing as Wells.

He knew how to play his well too. I hope they keep it.

What board is it on? Naiomi?

^I already said it. It runs on Poly Game Master (PGM).

Seeing as how this game is closer to it’s release date (March 23), and because I have a question; this thread is coming back up.

Here’s the question. Can someone explain the extra “New System” that is only for the console version of the game? Here’s the offcial console-version site: Console Site

I can, obviously, navigate to the “New System” link, but I can’t read what it says there.

Survival Mode is the first.

Second is ‘Blast Flame Awakening’ … sounds like the rage explosion from Samurai Showdown… you activate it and you have infinite supers until the bar runs out (drains over time). Seems to have some nasty side effect related to your guard.

Last one seems to be some sort of multi-hit combo chain that anyone can use. Doesn’t really seem to have any specifics. Might be like a dust combo or something.

Why does this have to be the long-forgotten fighting game that gets a console port? Chaos Breaker looked way more fun.

Chaos Breaker did look really awesome, if Taito fixed Nsidor’s (skeleton horse dude) infinite things would be better. And don’t forget that Martial Masters, also made by IGS (people who helped do SvG) hasn’t received a port either. Bastards.

the port is somehow really good news, especially since this means the same guys could have the even better idea to port Martial Masters (or Chaos Breaker, or even a good old knights of valour or something)

Only in the Control department is SvG not the best. The control is good, but its not as Lenient as say Martial Masters or 3rd Strike.

The combo system is also good and somewhat unique. The game has alot of 2-3 part specials where you can finish with a Time Freeze or Super Skill move. And some of the multiple hit specials you can also Time Freeze out of in the middle of them.
Also everytime you use a Time Freeze or SS move it’ll use 1/3 of your Skill Meter at the bottom of the screen, and using a Final Impact move will use the entire bar. Plus Jadou2 & Hiro2 play nothing like their normal personas.

And a couple of the characters are really intersting/awkward (in terms of how you play them), like Erile and Ryuken.

From what I’ve noticed while playing there’s a limit to what you can and cannot do (or use) in combos.

SvG is not that bad of a game. Although I think more people would rather see IGS make a home version of Martial Masters over SvG?

This is very nice to see. I’ve never played Spectral force, but i’m a huge fan of GoC so seeing guys like Erile, Wells and Roze in a fighting game is like a wet dream.

I’ll have to pre order this one.