Spectral vs Generation

I will update this thread accordingly.

Post here if you have played it, and or contribute your thoughts.

I have played it, and I like it. Although, my friend was showing me some really broken things on there (easy infinites and unblockable setups and such)

Yea It certainly has its fair share of problems, but I am hoping they make a sequel, theres alot of potential, and its a mix of KOF with GGX. I like the unique combo system, and that the game is fast, but not ridiculously, so theres a mix of old school vibe with it. When I have some time I am flushing this game out :).

Man…Jadou owns this game for free. I created 3 infinites in less that 20 minutes.

So, I just played this game some. Is there any difference in the PSP and PS2 versions? I know they added stuff to the PS2 version that wasn’t in the arcade version. Any balance changes or that sort?

Also, tell me some infinites. 'cause I haven’t found any yet. Not sure where to start looking. I want to see the brokeness of this game.


There you go, that’s how broken it is.

That looks rediculous.

Yeah. that vid isn’t the most creative one…

I rough tiered the game so it may/will need some adjustments.

S:Hiro, The ice chick, Jadou
A:Welles,the kid with the stand…And the rest are a toss up.

IMO Spectral vs Generation was lacking a TON of stuff, and had a ton of broken shit. Supers did way too much, graphics and sound made me feel like I was on 3x the amount of vicodin you’re supposed to take, while having a seizure. The combo system was unique I must say, a little weird but nothing I would take seriously. I got this game for like 15 dollars off Play-Asia when they were trying to unload it off their stocks probably, but there’s a reason why Japan only played the game for a week, it kind of reminds me of SvC Chaos too much in a way. I honestly can’t remember anything much except the Scythe chick was fucking broke as shit.

You BOUGHT this?! Sorry to hear that. I usually keep the iso on my psp just to make broken shit when i get bored. Me and Redmyst play ALOT of random shit and this happens to be in the playlist as of now.

yeah I also play that game just for the broken-ness, I still play mugen when I get bored lol

This game was so small in size that I think it’s a waste of a torrent. It should have been direct download instead.

Take the broken stuff that you find on mvc2 and load it up with speed and steroids. The scythe girl has the easiest infinite in the game, standing fierce to a fireball in the corner

I’ve yet to play this, but I might get the PSP version easily. However, after looking at some Infinite vids on Youtube and saw how easy it is, I thought I was going to throw up.


The one time we played the game. It was fun at the time.

I’m also thinking about buying the arcade board.