Speculation for Street Fighter #3

Alrighty, it’s inevitable that this thread will be made, so let’s get down to it.

So far, we have a set up for Vega versus Ken in #3. When Bison sends Vega to Japan to find Ryu, he warns Vega not to fail him. Therefore, I think it’s safe to assume that Vega knows who Ken Masters is, and there will be a big fight scene in #3.

Also, what will Chun Li’s involvement be now? Right now, it looks like Chunner and Guile will be working together to bring Bison down, but will this new alliance stick through to the end?

Furthermore, anyone think some new characters will be introduced in #3? We have yet to see Balrog except for a little bit in the beginning of #1. Since the story has moved to Japan, I think Fei Long might pop up. Maybe some Zangief action?

Well, discuss!

The Guile and Chun Li team is a good fit. I don’t see any reason for these two to break up. The only way that I think it would be possible is if there’s a conflict between the possibility of Saving Chun Li’s dad or Nash since those are the real motives for their involvement in the case. It’s a good bet that new charactters will be introduced almost every issue since there are so many characters and so little time (the first story arc ends after the 6th issue). I think it’s a lot more reasonable for Fei Long to make his appearance when Chun Li and Guile investigate in Hong Kong. HK is the common link between Chun Li and Fei Long.

A good way of guessing when people will make their appearance, I think, is seeing how these characters are similar and different from each other. Chun Li and Fei Long. as I just discussed. are similar since they both live in Hong Kong. Other such similarities, like the Ken vs Vega matchup… “The Ultimate Pretty Boy Matchup” would be good clues. Actually, I think that if you can make some good matchups between characters that make sense, then put them into an order that also makes sense, that’d be a very good roadmap for determining how the story will go.

Ken is gonna punk Vega the fuck out.

That is all.

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P.S. Good job Udoneko, keep it up and thanks for a GOOD SF comic.

seeing Honda get his ass kicked like that in issue 2 was retarded. I don’t even like him but that was just wrong. if he was gonna get beat up like that I would rather not see him in at all. sigh. poor Sakura. :frowning:

I’m really looking forward to the next issue. Vega and Ken is going to be amazing, but I wouldn’t bank on seeing Fei Long yet. My guess is that he isn’t going to turn up until the next story arc, after the first six issues they’ll start setting things up for the big tournament, Fei long will probably be introduced then.

Vega will fight Ken and Eliza, because he doesn’t want any other beautiful Aryans roaming around the comic. After Vega barely beats down Ken, Eliza will use her Visa Platinum assist and Vega will be beat, because all his ghetto ass has is Discover. Meanwhile, Sak and Kei will meet Ryu in a forest, beating up a waterfall. Love will blossom.

I just wonder if all the SF girl characters that show up on one of the covers show up in that issue in some way?

If vega does fight ken, then thats an old fight considering vega already fought ken in SF2V. Though i am looking forward to seeing new cast making there entrance.:eek:

Udoneko basically confirmed that… they won’t be. He said that one of the duo of Juni and Juli would be in it, though. …I need to make sure I get that issue.

just some random thought

vega vs ken

vega’s 1st impression when first seeing ken in the reflection:
“oh shit…some dude that’s not a handsome as me is with such a beautiful lady…i must regulate”

after vega walks up to ken:
“oh damn…it’s ken masters…he should kno where ryu is…i’ll beat him up and molest his girl”

my guess is vega will either put ken or eliza in the hospital …(vega may win/lose)
1)vega beats up ken badly, but ken shinryukens vega’s ass at the end but it hurts ken even more to have executed it…thus needs to be in hospital…and ryu finds out and is like…“damn i need to kick akuma and bison’s ass…what a pain…”

2)eliza is the innocent bystander and vega stabs her or something…and after ken kicks vega’s ass…he has to stay at the hospital to watch over her…and tells ryu to help him search out bison as well as akuma

3)vega beats up ken, but leaves him barely and alive and says "tell ryu if he wants to avenge you, he’d better come and find me at this place…then ken is like…no…but eliza tells ryu anyways…

4)(as a joke) sakura jumps in out of no where and does her CC “SHO SHO SHO SHO SHO SHO SHO SHO SHO SHINKUU HADOOEKN!@#!@#!@” and then she’s like “dude…eliza you suck…i should marry ken…but i have the hots for ryu so nevermind then!”

i wonder what would people say if charlie in this comic turns into blanka later:lol:

While Udoneko confirmed that he wouldn’t (unless my memory is REALLY off), I do believe that, if the rumours about #4 are true, then a variant of “Shadow” might be making an appearance somewhere down the line. As well as that Shadaloo mind control drug thingy that appeared in… SF2V was it? I forget. Heck, in a way, that drug might have already appeared (note that the thugs are about to give Chun-Li’s father an injection of sorts in the back-up story)

Shadow making an appearance sounds like a very strong possibility. That would explain his absence more than just being held by Bison for two months. And if Charlie turns into Blanka, umm, I don’t think Mr. Ko would allow that to happen.

And after Ken wins his fight against Vega (come on, he ain’t gonna lose with that pretty girl of his watching), Sakura probably follows him to find Ryu. That’s my bet.:smiley:

I seriously think that Honda’s beating was meant to fuel his entry into the tournament. Going from just entering to show that "sumo is phat without the ‘f’ " to reclaiming dignity from being embarassed in front of his fans carries more weight.

umm…shadow is? charlie or chun li?

Shadow is Charlie.

Someone posted what supposedly is the official preview summary for #4 and it’s about how Guile finds Charlie but has to fight him or something like that. I don’t know how authentic that is but things seem to be leading there to me…

Street Fighter #3

It’s 10 years after the Street Fighter 2 tournament and Ryu & Ken get invited to another tournament orgainzed by the mysterious Gill and…

Oh wait, you meant issue 3… never mind…:stuck_out_tongue:

(ducks tomatoes, dodges flames)

Juggernaut headcrushes BBCampbell

And dude, we aren’t up to #4 yet! Enough with the official reviews.:mad: You just want your dolls!

Actually, I want to see Juli too.:eek: :o

I subscribe to Previews and that is roughly what they said so yes, some semblance of “Shadow” arrives in the plot.