Speculation, what will Daigo do with Madcatz?

Are they actually combining to make new sticks or is this just a sponsor?

TE sticks with patented Daigo macros. THINK ABOUT IT!

Meh, guess at best a TE with Daigo’s name.

It’s not a case. It’s 500 sanwa OBSF’s super glued into a box form and only 10 work. 4 for directions and 6 for punch and kicks. The catch? You don’t know which will work.

“Daigo’s mindgame arcade stick: ’ even you’ll fall for your own mixups!’”

Lol. I already pre ordered my’n. Who knows, I might even switch up all the buttons for some seimitsus and change the default Daigo Umehara art to the more rare Diego Umejaurez art. But i heard that inside is a bomb and if you disconnect the wrong wires your’e screwed.

a single fadc ultra button

Since he’s gettin’ up there in the years, I’ll be a stick that fail every time you play Daigo, giving him the edge.

Source bro

Eventually we’ll see the TE stick, Daigo edition. And it will sell like hotcakes.